12/20/2010 03:10 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

12 Wild Misconceptions Held By Fox News Viewers

A recent study showed that Fox News viewers are the most uninformed of all news consumers. Here are the most common misconceptions held by fans of Fox News:

1) Electric cars explode with the force of a dying neutron star at the moment they hit 25 miles per hour.

2) John Stossel once decapitated a terrorist on an international flight using only his mustache.

3) The new health care bill requires that you give 3 of your least favorite organs to homeless gay men whether you're currently using the organs or not.

4) Over 90% of the nation's top economists agree that President Obama is a Muslim Kenyan third degree Black Panther.

5) Glenn Beck has read a book.

6) Global warming is caused exclusively by Al Gore vegan cheese farts.

7) Until Ronald Reagan became president in 1980, there was no ice cream or American Idol.

8) The country of France has had genital warts since 1968.

9) A recent bill in congress gave a free iPad to anyone who could prove they were an illegal immigrant.

10) BP cleaned up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on their own dime despite the fact that the initial oil rig explosion was caused by Michael Moore attempting to water ski.

11) Rachel Maddow has forced straight women to wed her against their will.

12) We won the Iraq War, and Baghdad now makes Paris look like the bizarro dystopian Hill Valley in Back To The Future II when Marty finds out the present has been altered by the old Biff.