10/12/2010 01:20 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Right-Wing Heritage Foundation Plagiarizes Comedy Video (WATCH)

First things first -- Many of you may know that I often write satirical "leaked" memos. However, this post is not satirical. It is real.

About a year ago SEIU funded a series of satirical videos poking fun at the GOP for opposing Obama's health care plan. I was one of the writers/producers of those videos along with Negin Farsad, Justin Krebs, Josh Bolotsky, and Katie Halper.

Recently Heritage Action For America put out a video aimed at those who oppose keeping Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy (starring Ron Howard's brother, Clint). And while they don't actually plagiarize any of the writing, check out the mannerisms, the style, and the feel. It's all identical -- down to the failed high-five at the end. And of course they didn't give us or SEIU any credit. Is it plagiarism? Take a look and decide for yourself. Watch our video from a year ago first -- the one on the right.

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