GOP Politicians, Pundits Face Class Action Suit For Self Parody

05/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WASHINGTON D.C. - Papers filed by political humorists in Federal Court accuse The Republican Party, its elected officials, conservative bloggers, Fox News, and CNBC of "crossing the line in self parody" and "creating a situation that is difficult to satire" by acting "so effing weird." The comics, some of them funny, are seeking damages in the hundreds of dollars to make up for lost revenue.

A visibly legendary Mort Sahl addressed reporters in a threadbare sweater, his hands flopping nervously in the breeze since the newspaper he planned to carry had gone bankrupt. "This is a career for many of us," said Sahl shyly. "Politicians and talk show hosts holding up tea bags day after day has taken it's toll and jokes are becoming increasingly difficult to write. For example, the KKK protested at Republican headquarters and burned uh ah a giant tea bag on the front lawn. See? No place to go. I give up."

A noticeably muscular Carrot Top whispered to Sahl that the Klan had, in fact, burned a giant bag on the lawn of the Republican party. Sahl's head exploded. Shocked reported recoiled in horror then high-fived because was sort of cool looking, really.

In a separate suit, Richard and Sal from the Howard Stern show claimed that Republicans had ruined the humorous value of tea bagging.

Lawyers for the class action suit showed tapes of recent episodes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and the House Republican caucus. After the crowd stopped laughing they pointed out that these were actual video tapes, not way out parodies. That seemed to confuse people. Lawyers played the tapes again and then people got very quiet and sad and most of them walked away from the TV and didn't say anything for a very long time but they told themselves that they would never vote for a Republican again, ever. Later they forgot all about the scary tapes but wondered why they didn't see Republicans any more like they used to in the old days.

Bill Maher defiantly lit a cigarette that appeared to be marijuana, inhaled and then coughed just as he was about to speak. This was not related to the lawsuit in any way and happened in the bedroom at Maher's home, thousands of miles away in California.