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Stop The House Bill That Will Raise Premiums 25% (VIDEO)

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I've come to the conclusion that the House health care reform must die and I've made a 30 second video to tell you one reason why.

Would you solve homelessness by mandating housing? Or by allowing banks and landlords to raise everyone's rent 25% when the mandate kicks in?

Why are mandates and price hikes a solution for health care?

There is tremendous pressure on Democrats to drink the Kool-Aid and support this bill. We're told that the success of everything we hold near and dear is riding on the Obama administration delivering health care reform. There's some truth to that, which is why I wish he did deliver health care reform. But the President who I supported as a candidate has let us down and sided with corporate interests time and again since we elected him.

During the election, Barack Obama asked us to hold him accountable for his promises. It's our duty to do that on this important issue. We need to work together to kill the bill. We need to demand real, progressive health care reform.