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Leigh Alexander
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Leigh Alexander covers the art and business of video games at Gamasutra, and writes a monthly column on the culture surrounding games and gamers at Kotaku, as well as a monthly column on industry issues at EDGE magazine. She is editor of the games section at NYLON Guys magazine, maintains her Sexy Videogameland weblog and is a contributor to Thought Catalog, where she often focuses on the social media and Internet culture landscape. Her work has appeared in Slate, Variety, the Los Angeles Times, Paste and a host of other publications, and she frequently speaks at events on the business and design of social media and the intersection of interactive design with the real world.

Blog Entries by Leigh Alexander

No More Objectification

(77) Comments | Posted January 28, 2013 | 5:09 PM

Editor's Note: This post details Leigh Alexander's second thoughts about hosting "Objectify A Man In Tech" Day after the idea began gaining steam online. She had originally planned the day as a protest about how women are treated in the tech and gaming industries.

#Objectify has gotten much bigger than...

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