08/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for July 17, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

What's more surprising after the first round of the British Open? Soon to be 60-year old Tom Watson shooting 5-under, or Tiger Woods not breaking par (1-over) on a beautiful summer day in Scotland?

The weather got much more Scottish for the start of the second round today, and scores were all over the place.

The second half of the baseball season is underway. As expected Manny Ramirez got treated like royalty coming back from his drug suspension in L.A. He laughed, "This is my town." He went 1-4 as the Dodgers lost to Houston 3-0.

The great David Beckham played at Giants Stadium last night and the fans mostly yawned. His team won, but empty seats abounded. I guess he's not the "American soccer savior" after all.

2. Kiss and Tell

Wow, I can hear it now. Tennis player Richard Gasquet got cleared of his drug suspension. They bought his story that the cocaine in his body came from kissing a babe at a nightclub. What next, all the baseball players somehow got tainted by exchanging bodily fluids with steroid crazed groupies?

3. Teddy Ballgame

I caught HBO's Ted Williams documentary. His prickliness with the Boston media was legendary. I got to interview him several times long after his playing days. He was the best interview.....ever. Forceful, insightful, colorful, and when he talked about hitting, mesmerizing. That's how I'll remember him. Too bad his kids screwed things up so badly after he died fighting over his remains.

4. Friday Mailbag

When I pointed out that Mark McGwire was persona non grata at the All Star Game in St. Louis, A.B. tweeted: "Yeah but they still have the Big Mac sign in the stadium."
Editor's Note: They also still have Mark McGwire highway. Selective memory.

R.K. suggests that Mariano Rivera's record for 4 All Star saves may never be broken. After all, he had to be picked by 4 different managers, with 4 different leads, to be the closer.
Editor's Note: Can't argue with that.

D.R. sounded bored this week. "The day after the MLB All Star game, is Vacuum Day, the one day of every year when there are no sports: no baseball, football, hockey or basketball.
Editor's Note: Maybe that's a good thing. (Christmas Eve is another.)

B.L. noted: "Woody Hayes did have a bit of a temper, and yes he was a little too liberal with the use of his hands, but as a 1969 OSU graduate I am proud to say that we covered every football game's spread my senior year."
Editor's Note: You certainly have your priorities in order.

5. Genius of the Week

A 13-year old Polish girl got home from her Egyptian vacation with a souvenir. She was pregnant. Her mom says she didn't meet any boys on vacation, so she decided that her daughter got pregnant thanks to some stray sperm floating around the hotel pool. Naturally, she's suing the hotel. Is that what they mean by water boarding?