Len's Holiday Eve Top 5

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for November 25, 2009 from
Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

It's unanimous. Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cards wins the
National League MVP award for the second straight year. It's his third

The NFL and concussions. The co-chairmen of the league's committee
on brain injuries have resigned. This issue continues to blow up.

The NBA's longest tenured owner, Abe Pollin of the Washington
Wizards, has passed away at the age of 85.

A team grows in Brooklyn. The New York State Supreme Court rules
that the Nets can use eminent domain to throw out homeowners and
businesses which get in the way of their new arena. The Nets are now
0-14 after losing to Denver last night. The NBA record is 0-17.

Tomorrow's Turkey Day NFL menu:

Green Bay at Detroit 12:30PM Eastern FOX

Oakland at Dallas 4:15PM Eastern CBS

Giants at Denver 8:20PM Eastern NFL Network

2. Political Football

Who better to help the BCS tidy up its image than Ari Fleischer? Just
about everyone hates the BCS system, the way they choose college
football teams to play in bowl games. So Fleischer has been hired to
help 'em out. It's a perfect fit. He was a press secretary for
President George W. Bush. If he could help explain what W. was doing,
then the BCS should be a piece of cake. (Oh calm down Republicans,
we're just funnin').

3. The Answer

For those of you who can't find anything good to say about Allen
Iverson who got shunned by the hopeless Knicks, here's a positive. The
Memphis Grizzlies had planned "Allen Iverson Jersey Night" before they
got rid of him. As for the jerseys, they're being sent to impoverished
children in Tanzania. Nothing but net!

4. Friday Mailbag (Short Week)

In the continuing debate on the "fairness/unfairness" of the NFL
overtime rule, M.M. writes: "What would people say if baseball had a
coin toss, and the game ended as soon as someone scored? I can see it
now. The Yankees win the toss, and the next batter up, A-Rod, hits a
home run to end the game."

From subscriber K.V. "I along with thousands of Knick fans send
well-wishes and prayers to my old buddy, Dean 'The Dream' Meminger."
Editor's Note: Amen. Dean, the former Knick, suffered smoke
inhalation in a Bronx fire on Sunday.

In response to my being a "great" judge of character (Jayson Williams
and O.J. Simpson were too of my favorite interviews), J.C. writes:
"Don't feel bad. The center fielder on our temple softball team was
Madoff's auditor. Never approached us, who knew?"

As for the Mets finally getting around to saluting the Mets at Citi
Field, G.F. scoffs: "So the Mets want to pay tribute to themselves? Start
with a statue of Timo Perez. He taught the Mets not to hustle and they
still practice that fine art 10 years later."

And R.B. suggests a new Ben and Jerry's flavor in honor of the late
Phil Rizzuto: "Huckleberry Pie."

5. Turkey Awards

And while I've been collecting your votes at

For what you consider the greatest moment in sports, in conjunction
with my new kids book, subscriber John D. thinks maybe there should be
a book called "The Not-so Great Moments in Sports." He would include
Tonya Harding trying to maim Nancy Kerrigan, Mike Tyson biting Evander
Holyfield's ear, and Juan Marichal bashing Johnny Roseboro with a bat.
All that violence? John admits it's more of a "kids horror story."
And thats sports!

Happy Birthday: Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. 33.
Bonus Birthdays: The Bush twins, Barbara and Jenna. 29.
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio would have been 95 today.

Today in Sports: Yankee catcher Thurman Munson wins the AL Rookie of
the Year award. 1970.
Bonus Event: "You'll go down in history!" Rudolf the Red-Nosed
Reindeer hits the music charts. 1949.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. Len's Top 5 will resume Monday
November 30th.