11/01/2010 01:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Monday everyone, here's my Top 5 for November 1, 2010 from Len
Berman at

1. Quick Hits

The San Francisco Giants are one win away from their first West
Coast World Series championship after beating Texas 4-0. The Giants
now lead 3 games to 1.

The November Classic continues tonight with game 5, San Francisco
at Texas. It's a game 1 pitching rematch, Tim Lincecum for the Giants,
Cliff Lee for the Rangers.

The biggest NFL surprise? Maybe the Oakland Raiders. At 4-4 they
have a better record than such supposedly better teams as Dallas, San
Francisco and Minnesota.

Tiger Woods reign as the #1 golfer in the world comes to an end
today after an astounding 281 weeks. England's Lee Westwood takes over
the top spot.

One of the great NBA power forwards, Maurice Lucas is dead of
cancer at the age of 58. The Marquette product helped lead Portland to
the 1977 NBA title.

2. The November Classic

Yes it's absurd that there's a regularly scheduled World Series game
tonight in the same month as Thanksgiving. And they're talking about
adding more playoff teams next year. But to baseball's credit, they
are moving up the season so that there won't be any more November
World Series games, subject to weather delays of course. Major League
Baseball dodged a major bullet with tonight's 5th game in Arlington,
Texas. Game time temp is expected to be 75 degrees. As opposed to
Minnesota in the 40's.

3. Ratings Challenged

The ratings for Saturday night's game 3 of the World Series were
pathetic. Close to the worst of all time. Yes Saturday night is a bad
television night, but when the NFL has Saturday night playoff games,
people watch. And don't blame Cablevision/Fox for trimming the
audience. They settled their dustup just in time for the game, bless
their hearts. Commissioner Bud Selig's response to the ratings? He
wants to "study things." But he was quick to add that baseball wants
to add more playoff teams. Doesn't quite seem like the antidote to
plummeting national disinterest in his sport, does it?

4. Road Trip

With the 49ers beating the Broncos yesterday in London, the NFL
turns its lonely eyes toward overseas expansion. They want more games
in Europe leading to a franchise being awarded over there. I'm sure
the NFL would love to go global. Years from now will there be
franchises in China and Australia? Might make it a tad more difficult
for NFL fans who like to follow their teams on the road. But that only
inconveniences the fans. No biggie. Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner David
Stern said the other day that he envisions a 5 team division in Europe
within the next decade. I wonder if there will be inter-divisional
play? Can't wait for that Clippers/Dusseldorf showdown.

5. That Sweet Smell Of....?

When the World Series was in San Francisco, Rangers outfielder Josh
Hamilton said he could smell weed while he was playing in the
outfield. Hamilton has a trained nose. When the American League
Championship Series was in St. Petersburg, he could detect a
cornucopia of confections from early bird specials.

Happy Birthday: Golfing great Gary Player. 75.

Bonus Birthday: Former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy. 38.

Today In Sports: Mr. November. Derek Jeter wins the first ever
November World Series game with a 10th inning homer against Arizona in
game 4. 2001.

Bonus Event: The origin of rubbernecking. Michelangelo's work in the
Sistine Chapel was first exhibited. 1512.

I'm sorry that Friday's link to the great picture of the George
Washington Bridge didn't work. See it here.