Top 5 Sports Stories

09/15/2010 10:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for September 15, 2010 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* Reggie Bush forfeits his 2005 Heisman Trophy.
* Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis "steps in it" by saying that a female reporter going into a locker room is "going to want somebody." He later apologized.
* Next season the Cubs will play at Fenway Park in Boston for the first time since the 1918 World Series. (Yes the Red Sox won in 6 games. Babe Ruth was the winning pitcher in two games, and batted 6th in game 4. The only time in World Series history a pitcher has batted anywhere but 9th.)

2. Backsies

Reggie Bush is giving back his Heisman Trophy. Why exactly? You think he was the only Heisman winner to break NCAA rules? And don't get me started on O.J. Bush is taking the high road. He said, "I would like to work with the Heisman Trustees to establish an educational program which will assist student-athletes and their families avoid some of the mistakes that I made." Good for him.
Maybe he's just tired of having to deal with the issue. I know for sure he ain't giving back his Super Bowl ring.

3. Not All Fun and Games

I know it's more fun to read about the goofy stuff in sports, and trust me, it's a lot more fun to write about it. But here's a dose of reality. You're probably aware of studies that show that many deceased NFL players suffered from a degenerative brain disease associated with repeated head trauma. Now comes word that the same syndrome may have contributed to a University of Pennsylvania football player's suicide. When Willie Nelson sang, "Mama, don't let your boys grow up to be cowboys," maybe he was really singing about the football-playing Dallas variety?

4. Meet the Mess

And the hits just keep on coming. Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez faces additional charges for violating a restraining order by sending text messages to his girlfriend. This after allegedly assaulting her father. The Mets have only questions facing them. Can they legally rid themselves of K-Rod's contract? How many of these Mets will return? How about the fans? They've turned Citi Field into a ghost town. Will season ticket holders reup? This coming off-season strikes me as a critical juncture in Mets history.

5. Dressing the Part

I knew the Ines Sainz story would stir it up. My thoughts yesterday were simple. If she wants to be thought of as a serious journalist, she should dress like one. I thought I'd be slaughtered by women, but @kerbiegirl tweeted me @LenBermanSports "Completely agree! I had my share of issues when I covered minor league hockey but I made sure I looked/acted professional." But @simmons2000 tweeted, "Looking like a nun makes you better?"
No, just more professional.
I was stunned how most of you agreed with me on Facebook, at "Len Berman's Top 5." Alison O. wrote, "I completely agree Len. The thing that pisses me off most as a woman is that she only makes it harder for the legitimate females to be taken seriously."
But Rachelle S. wrote, "All the talk about how Sainz is dressed takes the attention away from the real issue: the Jets behaved like pigs."
No argument from me on that one, Rachelle.

Happy Birthday: Spitballer supreme, pitcher Gaylord Perry. 72.
Bonus Birthday: Actor Tommy Lee Jones. Did you know he played football at Harvard? 64.

Today in Sports: Bob Watson of the Red Sox becomes the first player to hit for the cycle (single, double, triple and home run in the same game) in both leagues. He did it with Houston too. 1979.
Bonus Event: Pie Charts! USA Today hits the stands for the first time. 1982.

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