Top 5 Sports Stories

11/02/2010 11:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Len Berman Emmy Award winning sportscaster and New York Times Bestselling Author

Happy Election Day everyone, here's my Top 5 for November 2, 2010 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* The Giants win their first West Coast championship, beating Texas 3-1 in game 5 to win the 2010 World Series.
* Edgar Renteria is voted the World Series MVP.
* Some fans riot and set fires in San Francisco to celebrate. There was one fatal shooting, but it's unclear if that was related to the celebration.
* A bad night for Texas teams all around: the Colts beat the Texans in Monday night football 30-17.
* Chilean miner Edison Pena will run Sunday's New York City Marathon.

2. Pitching, Pitching And More Pitching

If I had a vote, Tim Lincecum was the World Series MVP. He beat Cliff Lee twice, which kinda makes you wonder if that in any way affects the Yankees love affair with Lee? Lincecum's game 7 performance was Koufaxian. Or shades of Bob Gibson or more recently Josh Beckett in the clinching game in 2003. Pitching performances like this are all the more impressive because not only are they on the biggest stage, but they're against the other "best team in baseball." Somewhere George Steinbrenner is saying, when does this Lincecum kid become a free agent? (After the 2013 season.)

3. Eyeballs

Not that you needed any more proof, and I guess you can just file this under the heading of piling on. For the past 4 years there was no Sunday night football during the World Series. But that changed the other night. And guess what? A regular season NFL game got higher ratings than game 4 of the World Series. An NFL game had never out-rated a World Series game before. OK, you can go back to your fantasy football leagues and your NFL knockout pools now.

4. Positioning

What is it with wide receivers? Is it because when they started playing the position they were always told to "go long?" Maybe they had too much time on their hands during those lonely walks back to the huddle. How else to explain Randy Moss? Just the latest in a long line of "look at me" wide receivers. After Sunday's loss in New England, he praised his old team, the Patriots, and ripped his own coach in Minnesota. During the week he was fined $25,000 for not cooperating with the media. Then he announced he'd no long answer any of their questions. He would just answer his own queries. Not surprisingly, the Vikings gave him his walking papers yesterday. One of my Twitter pals suggested the Bengals should sign him. Moss, Terrell Owens and Ochocinco. The latter day Three Wise Men. Must be the position.

5. Voting Booth

We get to vote for lots of stuff today, but not the right stuff. It if were up to me, here's what would be on the ballot.

1) Candidates for Knicks owner.

2) Yes or no, Personal Seat Licenses.

3) A referendum. Should they ban those stale NBA player introductions that feature flashing lights and really really loud music?

Happy Birthday: What's the one baseball record that will never ever be broken? Right. Johnny Vander Meer's two straight no-hitters. To break it, a pitcher would have to pitch 3 straight no-no's. Oh, did I mention that Vander Meer was born on this date in 1914?
Bonus Birthday: Friends star David Schwimmer. 44.

Today In Sports: 50 years ago today. Roger Maris barely beats out Mickey Mantle for the American League MVP Award. 1960.
Bonus Event: Howard Hughes flies the massive "Spruce Goose" wooden airplane. Check out the video.