11/04/2010 10:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Thursday everyone, here's my Top 5 for November 4, 2010 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* San Francisco stages a glorious parade for the Giants. It's great to see a city and its long suffering fans celebrating their first West Coast championship.
* Bowing to the economy and their lousy record, the Mets cut ticket prices for next season by an average of 14%.
* The Tennessee Titans claim wide receiver Randy Moss off waivers.
* Alas, it wasn't to be for former NBA center Chris Dudley. The final tally had him losing his Oregon gubernatorial bid.

2. Sparky

I'm not sure there's a more beloved baseball figure than Sparky Anderson. If you're scoring at home, he was the first manager to win the World Series in both leagues. (Cincinnati and Detroit.) He's been matched by Tony La Russa. (Oakland and St. Louis.) Sparky has entered hospice care because of dementia. When I had a radio talk show we asked the Tigers to have Sparky on. We were politely told that he gets too many requests. We then said, "tell him it's Len Berman." The Tigers responded, "everybody says that." Everyone knows Sparky. And thinks the world of him too.

3. My Bad

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took a page out of George Steinbrenner's book the other day when he apologized to the fans for the Cowboys' abysmal season. He told the fans it's his fault that the team is "1-7." They're actually 1-6, but who's counting? Elsewhere on the Lone Star State ownership front, they kept taking shots of George W. Bush at the Rangers World Series games. He used to own the team before he sold it to Tom Hicks who gave Alex Rodriguez as much money as he paid to buy the entire team in the first place. In fact the Rangers are still paying A-Rod. The current owner, Chuck Greenberg, had to apologize for taking verbal swipes at Yankee fans. Then there's Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner. Has he been fined yet for anything today? Sounds like a hoot owning sports teams in Texas.

4. Clean Sweep

Elsewhere on the Texas sports ownership scene, the owner of the NFL's Texans, Bob McNair, ordered team personnel to scour the locker room looking for performance enhancing drugs. Two of his players have been suspended for using banned substances. McNair says he has the right to control what's going on in his own building. Good for him. But I wonder about a couple of things. If they found any contraband during their sweep and took action, would the players union have the gall to fight it? And what if baseball owners had done the same thing years ago?

5. Initially Speaking

The Wakefield Massachusetts high school track and field team found themselves in a bit of a controversy. They made up sweatshirts that read WTF. What's wrong with that? The school superintendent said she wasn't aware of the double meaning. She would have never understood the make-believe college we wanted to apply to when we were kids: Sam Houston Institute of Technology.

Happy Birthday: 1960 National League Batting Champion, MVP and World Series champion, Pirates shortstop Dick Groat. 80.
Bonus Birthday: Puff Daddy. 41.

Today In Sports: The All Time home run champ retired. That would be Sadaharu Oh in Japan. 868 homers. 1980.
Bonus Event: Wedding bells for 33-year old Abe Lincoln and 23-year old Mary Todd in Springfield, Illinois. 1842.