Top 5 Sports Stories

10/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Happy Thursday everyone, here's my Top 5 for September 3, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

Senator Schilling. Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has some
interest in Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat. So do I.

Who knew the Canadian Football League had standards? Winnipeg says
they are not pursuing Pacman Jones. They want good athletes "on and
off the field."

The big names all cruised at the U.S. Open. Next up for Roger
Federer, Lleyton Hewitt in the third round.

Jason Giambi's first hit as a Colorado Rockie, a pinch hit two run
single, is the game winner against the Mets. The Rockies lead the
Giants by one game for the National League wild card.

Welcome to fall. College football season begins tonight.

2. Joe Fan

If the average fan wants to go to the World Series at Yankee Stadium
he can kiss his wallet goodbye. Only 735 tickets out of 50,000 will be
available to the "general public" per game. Season ticket holders and
Major League Baseball get the rest. So you wanna take Johnnie to his
first World Series game? Get ready to pay the scalper. Hey, you think
they made the World Series and Super Bowl for regular people?

3. Thursday Night Football

The final pre-season games are tonight and tomorrow. They get them
out of the way early so the teams can heal up for the regular season
next week. While many eyes and ears will be on Michael Vick in the
Meadowlands facing the Jets, I'll be thinking of a player who won't
see action. Giants wide receiver David Tyree won't play with a
hamstring injury. 19 months ago he made arguably the greatest catch in
Super Bowl History. The helmet catch. Without it, the Giants don't
upset the Patriots. That is the last catch he made in a Giants
uniform. He'll likely be cut. What have you done for me lately?

4. Turf Toe

The 0-16 Detroit Lions have a little quarterback competition going.
But one of the contenders, Daunte Culpepper, injured his toe requiring
stitches. He stubbed it on his carpet at home. Is that what they mean
by piling on?

5. Descend it like Beckham

A California sperm bank is setting up shop in New York. They feature
samples of famous lookalikes. Do you want your offspring to look like
David Beckham or Manny Ramirez? They can help. Of course they don't
guarantee that traits will be passed on. And I'm thinking given the
vagaries of conception, do you really want your daughter looking like
Manny Ramirez?

Happy Birthday to a couple of Olympians. The Flying Tomato,
snowboarder Shaun White. 23. And softball pitcher Jennie Finch. 29.
Bonus Birthday: Actor Charlie Sheen. 44.

Today in Sports: Ty Cobb gets his 4,191st and last career hit. His
record would be eventually eclipsed by Pete Rose. 1928.

Bonus Event: The Yankees stall at Fenway Park hoping that a Sunday
curfew will end the game. Fans become irate and litter the field with
garbage. The Red Sox forfeit the game. The Commissioner later
overrules the forfeit and fines the Yankees for their tactics. 1939.