11/11/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

TGIF everyone, here's my Top 5 for September 11, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

  • The NFL season is underway. The Super Bowl champion Steelers beat Tennessee 13-10 in overtime. The Titans lost the toss and never touched the ball in OT.
  • Liar Liar. Jets admit they lied about Brett Favre's injury last season. The Jets have often played loose with the facts when it comes to injuries.
  • Rain interrupted the Rafael Nadal-Fernando Gonzalez quarterfinal last night. Nadal won the first set. The second set was in a tiebreak.
  • Michael Jordan headlines the list of inductees tonight at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.
  • An Australian newspaper claims that tests on the South African runner Caster Semenya prove that he/she is an hermaphrodite with male and female organs. Her/his racing future is in doubt.

2. 9/11

Its now been 8 years since the attacks. The NFL canceled all games the following weekend. Major League Baseball canceled games for nearly a week. Actually cancel is the wrong word. Postponed is more like it. Why lose income over a little thing like a terrorist attack? All games were made up. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig proclaimed "I believe in the sanctity of the 162-game schedule." I think he meant to say "I believe in the sanctity of the owners income." I suggested on TV at the time that the games not be made up. I thought the record books should remain blank as a tribute to those brave souls who lost their lives that day. I was whistling in the dark.

3. It's Always Something

Melanie Oudin was the breakout star of the U.S. Open. A nice 17-year old fresh face upsetting three straight Russians. Now comes word that her father is divorcing her mother, claiming she had an affair with Melanie's coach. Welcome to the world of big time sports coverage, Melanie.

4. Friday Mailbag

On Pittsburgh fans deserving better than a record 17 straight losing seasons, M.H. writes: "Wouldn't NY'ers (and most other cities) kill for 2 Stanley Cup Finals appearances and a Super Bowl win in the span of 13 months?"
Editor's Note: I hate it when fans use those silly sports stats to make a good point.

On 9/9 I mentioned some of the famous 9's and 99's. Thanks to all of you who added to the list. #9's Rocket Richard, Adam Graves, Graig Nettles, Hank Bauer, Sonny Jurgensen and even Gino Cimoli of the old Brooklyn Dodgers. #99's Turk Wendell and best of all, Maxwell Smart's cohort in Get Smart, Agent 99.

As for Eye Candy Caddies, the young female models who have been banned from some British golf courses even though they know the meaning of "fore."
L.J. wrote, "you mean fore play?"
A.H. (a woman) wrote: "I would be okay with this if they also provided handsome male caddies for the lady golfers."

5. Dead At 5

A New York television institution ends today. Live at 5 will no longer air on Channel 4. I have fond memories of that program. I interviewed Mickey Mantle, Mike Tyson, Hank Aaron and many more sports stars live in the studio. And in the green room I met the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Milton Berle. I even shook hands with a Beatle, Ringo. Nothing lasts forever, but Live at 5 in its heyday had one helluva run.

Happy Birthday: Running star Marty Liquori. 60.
Bonus Birthday: Rapper Ludacris. 32.

Today in Sports: Pete Rose becomes the all time hit leader, 4,192. 1985.
Bonus Event: Take a moment to reflect on what happened 8 years ago.