11/23/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for September 23, 2009

1. Quick Hits

After missing the playoffs last year, the Yankees become the first
team to clinch a post season berth this season.

Next up, the Dodgers and Cardinals. Both have a magic number of 2 to
clinch a playoff spot.

More proof that drinking and driving don't mix. A day after Jack
Daniels stopped sponsoring NASCAR, Jim Beam followed suit.

2. Joe G.

Who benefits the most from the Yankees making the post-season? Their
manager Joe Girardi. After failing to make the playoffs last season,
another flop would have cost him his job. Of course he still has to
navigate through the Angels, Red Sox and perhaps the Cardinals or
Dodgers in the World Series. If it's L.A., Joe G. vs. Joe T. will be
particularly sexy.

3. Ticket Blitz

There's a downside for Yankee fans should they go deep into the post
season. There will be a huge demand for tickets which will mask their
regular season problems. The Yankees have announced some price cuts
for next season. But if the team had a bad year, those cuts would have
been more severe. Lots of Yankees and Mets fans are thinking twice
about buying season tickets for next season, but a World Series
appearance would help fans make up their minds.

4. Joe G. II

Joe Garagiola says he's coming back to broadcast Arizona
Diamondbacks games. He's 83 years old and he took the year off for
health reasons. As someone who got considerable mileage out of sports
bloopers, I tip my cap to Joe. He was the pioneer of bloopers way back
with Johnny Carson. One other note. During the 1983 baseball playoffs,
Mike Schmidt of the Phillies hit a game winning homer against the
Dodgers. After the game Schmidt told me he had a Joe Garagiola
baseball card in his pocket during the game. Joe was announcing up in
the booth for NBC. I'm thinking that hasn't happened since. Welcome
back, Joe.

5. A Match Made in ...

Serena Williams has signed on to endorse Tampax.
... nah, too easy.

Happy Birthday: Newly crowned U.S. Open champ Juan Martin del Potro.

Bonus Birthday: Born in the U.S.A. in 1949. The Boss. Bruce
Springsteen. 60.

Extra Bonus Birthday: Mickey Rooney. 89.

Today in sports: Fred "Bonehead" Merkle doesn't run to second base
on a base hit. To make a long story short, the Giants lose the pennant
to the Cubs. Hence the nickname "Bonehead." 1908.

Bonus Event: Richard Nixon delivers the "Checkers" speech on
television to defend himself against charges of campaign
irregularities. He said, no matter what, he's keeping a gift he
received. A dog named Checkers. 1952.