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Len Berman

Len Berman

Posted: October 12, 2009 11:13 AM

Top 5 Sports Stories

What's Your Reaction?

Happy Monday everyone, here's my Top 5 for Oct. 12, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

The Angels sweep away the Red Sox and the Yankees (who is this A-Rod guy?) sweep the Twins. The Angels and Yankees will now meet in the AL Championship Series.

Today's Schedule: Phillies @ Rockies game 4. (Phillies lead 2 games to 1.) 6:07pm ET TBS. Last night's game time temperature in Denver was 35 degrees.

Go ahead, say it out loud. The first place Cincinnati Bengals who have now won 4 straight games.

Champagne in the locker room, but this time for the U.S. soccer team. They beat Honduras 3-2 Saturday night to qualify for next year's World Cup.

With a nod to David B. on Twitter: This just in, President Obama has won the Heisman Trophy.

2. Win Some Lose Some

You can't call Boston's loss yesterday heartbreaking. Red Sox fans know heartbreaking (Buckner, Bucky, Boone) and this one doesn't come close. Still, coughing up a two run lead in the ninth with your closer on the mound, and losing 7-6 to the Angels to get eliminated is still tough to swallow. But look at the bright side, Red Sox fans. You've had lots of experience at this over the years. Sure you've won a couple of World Series, but misery like this is part of your Red Sox DNA. Embrace it.

3. Instant Replay

I've never been a big believer in instant replay for baseball. Unlike basketball, football and hockey, the field isn't rectangular. There are so many angles and variables. Like ball/glove/base simultaneously. But after this weeks blown calls maybe we should rethink things. Joe Mauer's 11th inning ground rule double at Yankee Stadium Friday night was inexplicably called foul by umpire Phil Cuzzi who was standing what, 10 feet away? What's the point of extra umpires down the line in the playoffs if they can't get it right? So now I'm thinking if you fix cameras on the lines, you can add replay for "fair or foul?" Too late for the Twins who got screwed on the biggest stage.

4. Public Service Announcement

We interrupt this Top 5 to offer the following. A golfer in South Carolina went to retrieve his ball from a pond. An alligator bit off part of his arm. Your wet ball just isn't that valuable. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

5. Kooky Kiwis

The New Zealand Olympic Committee is threatening taekwondo competitor Logan Campbell with legal action. To raise money in his bid to make the 2012 Olympics he opened a brothel. Despite being legal, the Olympic Committee doesn't like the connection. And to think what Campbell is doing is the oldest "sport"in the world.

I guess they're pretty buttoned up down there. They play a sport called netball, and a team wanted to call itself the "Master Baiters." (Some kind of fishing reference.) Fearing concerns about a double meaning, they changed their name to "Master Netters." Sigh.

Today's Birthday: "Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please." The Yankees legendary P.A. announcer Bob Sheppard turns 99."

Bonus Birthday: Actor Hugh Jackman. 41.

Today in Sports: The summer Olympics begin in Mexico City. Before they end, American runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos are suspended for giving a black power salute on the medal stand. 1968. Bonus Event: Christopher Columbus thinks he sees India. It's really the Bahamas. Why didn't he just use Google Earth? 1492.


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