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Len Berman

Len Berman

Posted: October 26, 2009 12:40 PM

Top 5 Sports Stories

What's Your Reaction?

Happy Monday everyone, here's my Top 5 for October 26, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

The Yankees advance to the World Series for the first time since 2003 by beating the Angels 5-2 in game 6. Game 1 of the World Series, Phillies @ Yankees, Wednesday night.

All was not joyous in the New York area last night. The Arizona Cardinals picked off the Giants 24-17. The Saints stayed undefeated. The Vikings lost their first game.

ESPN fires Steve Phillips after his affair with a production assistant.

The Cardinals are expected to hire Mark McGwire as hitting coach. McGwire has kept a low profile in recent years as the court of public opinion has "convicted" him of steroid use.

2. The Bronx is Burning

Just like the good old days. The Yankees will host their 40th World Series. The 7th for Derek Jeter and finally the first for Alex Rodriguez. Yankees vs. Phillies has all the makings of a great World Series. But not for everyone. As subscriber Ruth Q. emailed last week, "This World Series could be a nightmare for us Mets fans - Yankees vs Phillies - who to root for??"

Pick your poison, Mets fans. For you it's basically a lose/lose proposition.

3. Monday Musings

There are cracks in the concrete walkways at the new Yankee Stadium. Hey, what do you expect for $1.5 billion?


Neither Bobby Valentine nor Don Mattingly got the Cleveland managerial job, former Washington manager Manny Acta did. We need Bobby V. back in baseball to stir the pot.


Remember a few years ago they were calling for Joe Paterno's head at Penn State? After winning at Michigan Saturday 35-10 the Nittany Lions are 7-1 At age 82, JoPa just getting started.


Enough already with these throwback jerseys. Were those the Jets, New York Titans or San Diego Chargers playing in Oakland? There's a reason why those old jerseys were redesigned. Time to throwback the throwbacks.

4. A Fine Mess

Who got fined more in the NFL, Titans safety Chris Hope for roughing up Tom Brady, or Chad Ochocinco for wearing the wrong color chin strap? (Second violation.)

Time's up. Both were fined $10-thousand. Rough tackles may kill quarterbacks, but fashion faux pas will simply not be tolerated!

5. In Memoriam

When I mentioned Soupy Sales' (big sports fan) passing last Friday, your remembrances of Soupy came pouring in.

From Jim S. "Show me tracks on the ocean floor and I'll show you the prints of whales (Prince of Wales)."

From Ed G. "I'll always remember one of Soupy's jokes about baseball. 'Took my girlfriend to a game. I kissed her on the strikes and she kissed me on the balls.' "

And of course many of you remembered what got Soupy in trouble. From Howard C. "Fans of Soupy Sales are welcome to send in money to cover the cost of the funeral. Please go upstairs and send us all the green pieces of paper in Daddy's wallet."

Remember, Soupy did a "kids show."

Happy Birthday: Angels fan Pat Sajak. How much face time did that guy get sitting behind home plate in Anaheim? 63. Bonus Birthday: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 62.

Today in Sports: The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, became the first and only NHL player to reach 2000 points. He finished with 2857. 1990. Bonus Events: Hide your eyes Yankee haters. The Yankees beat the Braves in 6 to win the World Series. 1996. And the Yankees beat the Mets in 5 to win the World Series. 2000. And to think the 2009 World Series has yet to begin.


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