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Len Berman

Len Berman

Posted: November 9, 2009 10:54 AM

Top 5 Sports Stories

What's Your Reaction?

Happy Monday everyone, here's my Top 5 for November 9, 2009 from

1. Quick Hits

World Series euphoria turns to football depression in New York as the Giants lose their 4th straight game. San Diego beat them 21-20.

The Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints remain the only unbeaten teams in the NFL. 8-0.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wearing their old ugly orange uniforms, win their first game beating Green Bay 38-28.

Who knew? Colts quarterback Peyton Manning became the first to throw for 40,000 yards in a decade.

As of today, every single Major League pitcher has had at least 4 days rest.

2. Parade Cleanup

How sad, nobody got pied at the Yankees victory celebration. The ceremony was just too "buttoned up." I was hoping somebody, anybody, would say or do something dopey. That's what these things are for. As for office workers who threw confidential financial statements out the window along the parade route, I don't think some yahoo screaming in his Yankee jacket was really going to make use of them. I remember one parade when I was stationed at City Hall, and while I was on the air a piece of paper wafted down and I caught it. I ad libbed "this just in." It was somebody's bank statement.

3. Numbers Game

Let's talk math. The baseball industry is crowing over this year's World Series ratings. 19.4 million people on average watched the Series. Upon further review, that's a drop of 20% from the 1996 Yankees World Championship, even though U.S. population grew by 15% during that period. Conversely, football ratings are booming this year. Pick your baseball rationale. Late World Series games? Steroids? Salaries? And if baseball does nothing, what will the numbers look like 13 years from now?

4. Open Mic

Viewers watching the end of the Richmond/Villanova game got an unexpected treat. As Richmond blew a last second fieldgoal, somebody announced loud and clear "what a bum, end this f***ing game." It wasn't one of the broadcasters. They're not quite sure who said it. My favorite all time end-of-game sportscasting moment came during a high school football game in Texas. When the "home team" lost on a kickoff return, the announcer complained on the air "I'm sick, I want to throw up."

5. Monday Musings

Home court advantage? When the Knicks lost to Cleveland Friday night at the Garden, the biggest cheers were for LeBron James and some of the champion Yankees in attendance. Where's the love for the home team?


Did you see what Dolphins linebacker Jason Taylor said when comparing Giants fans to Jets fans? "There's a little more class on the Giants side and some Jets fans take the 'cl' out of class." Ouch.


Which comes first, the return of the NFL to Los Angeles or pro basketball to New York?


Pitchers and catchers report in 100 days.

Happy Birthday: Rest, schmest. Cardinals Hall of Fame pitching great Bob Gibson. 74.

Bonus Birthday: Green with envy. The Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno. 58.

Today in Sports: The PGA eliminated its "Caucasians Only" rule. What took 'em so long? 1961.

Bonus Event: At our fraternity house at Syracuse the lights went out. We though it might be the whole street. Turned out it was the entire Northeast! 1965.


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