03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for November 24, 2009 from
Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

Twins catcher Joe Mauer wins the American League's Most Valuable
Player award. A couple of Yankees finished 2nd and third, Mark
Teixeira and Derek Jeter.

Talk about streaky. The Tennessee Titans after going 0-6 to start
the season have now won 4 straight after beating Houston 20-17 on
Monday Night Football.

Good move by the NFL to have independent doctors consult on
concussions so that team doctors don't force their players back into
action prematurely for the "good of the team."

2. Unwritten Rules

Jets Coach Rex Ryan says that's a "no no." When the game is all
locked up in the final seconds, you don't throw a long bomb.That's
what the Patriots did to the Jets on Sunday, and Ryan said he felt
"disrespected." But these are the Jets and Patriots, and this is Bill
Belichick, he of the illegal video taping of the Jets on top of
walking out on the franchise with a crude hand written note several
years back. There are no unwritten rules here. Just genuine dislike,
and you can write that down.

3. Overtime

I made my feelings clear yesterday about the NFL overtime rule. It
stinks that a team can take the kickoff and then boot a winning field
goal without the other team getting a chance. Many of you disagree
with me citing statistics. But here are some stats from the San Jose
Mercury News
courtesy of subscriber Marvin R. Entering this season the
team winning the toss won 63.3 percent of the games. And 43.3 of the
time they won it on their first possession. That sounds an awful lot
like determining a tennis match on one serve. You ace the guy, the
match is over. Give both teams an equal chance. Period.

4. Hall of Shame

Wanna know which football player screwed up? It's one click shopping.
The San Diego Union-Tribune has collected every NFL player arrest
record since 1990. So of course I typed in Plaxico Burress. Three
items came up. In addition to shooting himself in New York, he was
arrested for carrying an open bottle of Corona beer in Cleveland one
Christmas Eve. He failed to show up in court and was fined. The way
everything gets sponsored in the NFL, ("We're 15 minutes away from
kickoff.... a 15 minute call can save you 15% on your car
insurance..."), I'm surprised Plaxico's arrest record isn't brought to
you by Corona or flea protection for dogs. You know, "this collar is

brought to you by that collar."

5. Memo To Sportscasters

The L.A. Clippers TV announcers were suspended for one game after
making fun of Memphis Center Hamed Haddadi. Among other things they
said "You're sure he's not Borat's older brother?" Last month ABC's
Bob Griese got in hot water for saying that NASCAR driver Juan Pablo
Montoya was "out having a taco." As a public service to my
sportscasting friends, maybe we should just stick to the game.

Happy Birthday: The Big O. One of the all time NBA greats Oscar
Robertson. 71.
Bonus Birthday: Actress Katherine Heigl. 30.

Today in Sports: Walter Alston signs the first of 23 consecutive one
year contracts to manage the Dodgers. 1953.

Bonus Event: Jack Ruby shot and killed JFK's assassin, Lee Harvey
Oswald, live on television. 1963.

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