Top 5 Sports Stories

06/05/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Happy Monday everyone, here's my Top 5 for April 5, 2010 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* Duke will play Butler tonight in Indianapolis for the national title in college basketball. 9:21p ET.
* Unbeaten U-Conn will play Stanford for the women's championship tomorrow night in San Antonio.
* The 2010 baseball season began last night with the Red Sox beating the Yankees 9-7 at Fenway Park. There are 13 more openers today.
* Alex Rodriguez reportedly told Major League baseball officials that he did not receive illegal drugs from that Canadian doctor who is under investigation.
* The Philadelphia Eagles have traded quarterback Donovan McNabb to Washington.
* Kobe Bryant isn't going anywhere. He re-upped for 3 extra years with the Lakers through 2014 for somewhere about $90 million.

2. The Championship Game

Yes, it is truly David vs. Goliath in college basketball tonight. And no, I can't see Butler beating Duke. I can't imagine Butler containing Duke's offense to under 60 points as they've done to all their NCAA tournament opponents, including powerhouse teams like Syracuse, Kansas State and Michigan State. Yes, this looks like a mismatch. Then again, it's the 25th anniversary of arguably the greatest upset in NCAA history, Villanova beating Georgetown. But that was the last game played without a shot clock. Under those rules, Butler would have a better shot. But hey, you never know.

3. Opening Night

Time was, the Cincinnati Reds staged the first baseball game of the season. Why not? Middle America, a quaint parade to the ballpark, baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. But of course, like everything else in sports, that's gone by the wayside. Is there any money in a Reds opener? Are you kidding? So let's start the season late at night, on ESPN, when kids have school the next day and won't be able to stay up for the whole game that ends at midnight. That's the American way.

4. The Grass Menagerie

It starts today in Augusta, Georgia. Tiger Woods' first news conference this afternoon since you know when. I'm guessing at some point they'll say "golf questions only." Well, here's a golf question. Will your level of play be affected by your being a total fraud and a creep? Just askin'.

5. A Voice from the Past

Buried in the obituary for actor John Forsythe was this nugget. He dropped out of college, North Carolina, after his junior year in 1936 to go into radio acting. The impetus was his critically acclaimed summer role as the Dodgers public address announcer at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Who knew that the voice of Charlie's Angels was also the voice of Da Bums?

Happy Birthday: Former Mets phenom and current Washington National Lastings Milledge. 25. (Born 4 days after Villanova beat Georgetown.)
Bonus Birthday: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell. 73.

Today in Sports: Kareem Abdul Jabbar became the NBA's all time scoring leader eclipsing Wilt Chamberlain (I happened to have been there that night in L.A.) 1984.
Bonus Event: Somebody had to do it first. President George Washington casts the first Presidential Veto. 1792.