06/29/2010 10:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Sports Stories

Happy Tuesday everyone, here's my Top 5 for June 29, 2010 from Len Berman at

1. Quick Hits

* Andy Roddick, a finalist last year, is stunned in 5 sets by Yen-Hsun Lu of Taiwan. That left the Williams sisters as the only Americans to reach the quarterfinals at Wimbledon, and Venus was knocked out this morning.
* 34-year old former tennis star Jennifer Capriati is in stable condition after what a family spokesperson said was an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.
* Ubaldo Jimenez of Colorado runs his record to 14-1. The Braves knock off Washington's Stephen Strasburg, whose 48 strikeouts in 5 games is two shy of Herb Score's rookie record.
* Brazil ousts Chile, the Netherlands dumps Slovakia in the World Cup.
* FIFA wakes up and says they'll revisit the replay issue when the tournament is over. They apologize to England and Mexico for bad calls.
* If it's not bad enough the refs make lousy calls in the World Cup, FIFA will ban the controversial video from giant screens inside the stadium. What's next, blacking them out on the telecasts?

2. The Tabloids

After losing to Germany on Sunday, here's what some of yesterday's headlines looked like in the English press. The front page of The Sun: "Message to England players, you let your country down." As for the coach, Fabio Capello, "Go--and take these losers (players) with you!"

As for The Daily Mail, "If The Few (British fighter pilots) had defended as badly as England we'd all be speaking German now." Nice.

3. Upon Further Review

With all screams for replay in soccer over the weekend, this one got lost in the shuffle. Check out the end of the Tigers game the other day against the Braves. Johnny Damon got called out on strikes with a full count and the bases loaded. It should have tied the game. Wait around for the replays on this video.

So the Tigers now lead the league in botched calls to end games. And in both cases the umpire admitted he blew the call. But unlike the "imperfect game," you're talking about balls and strikes here. You will never have replay for that, and nothing affects a ballgame more than the home plate ump.

4. Follow the Money

Subscriber Lou K. asks what's the point of interleague play? Other than Mets/Yankees, Cubs/WhiteSox, Angels/Dodgers, he wonders, who cares? I have a simple answer for most sports questions. It's the money. What's the reason for interleague play in baseball? Average attendance for interleague games this year: 33,253. For regular games: 28,233. Next question.

5. Who's Your Daddy?

Here's the final piece of evidence that soccer has arrived in America. There are news reports about U.S. star Landon Donovan fathering a love child with a mystery British mistress. Nobody would have cared last year. On the sex scandal meter, soccer now scores. Welcome to the big time.

Happy Birthday: Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew of the Twins. 74.
Bonus Birthday: Comedian Richard "Man in Black" Lewis. 63.

Today in Sports: In one of the biggest upsets in soccer history, the U.S. beats England 1-0 in the World Cup. 1950.
Bonus Event: Marilyn Monroe married playwright Arthur Miller. They divorced less than 5 years later. 1956.