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Lena Tabori
Lena Tabori is the Publisher of Welcome Books and founder of the parent company, Welcome Enterprises. She runs it today with her partners, Hiro Clark Wakabayashi, her two daughters, Katrina and Natasha, Clark’s wife Alice Wong and his brother Greg Wakabayashi.

Her first post on Huffington Post can be found here.

Distributed by Random House, Welcome Books has published numerous photography books: "The Oxford Project" by Peter Feldstein, with text by Stephen G. Bloom, "American Farmer" by Paul Mobley, "Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town" by Douglas Gayeton, "India" by Eric Meola, Jon Ortner’s "Canyon Wilderness of the Southwest", "Elvis 1956" by Al Wertheimer, "On The Street" and "Fourth Wall" by Amy Arbus, "Searchings" by Barbara Bordnick (for which they have also organized exhibitions in New York, East Hampton, Cleveland, Modesto, Palo Alto and San Francisco), "Buddha" by Jon Ortner, "An Evening with Marilyn" by Douglas Kirkland, "New York Deco" by Richard Berenholtz and Rosalie Winard’s" Wild Birds of the American Wetlands". Art books include Sam Fink’s "The Constitution of the United States", which they also produced as a Limited Edition of loose folios.

Welcome Enterprises, as book packager, designed Richard Avedon’s "Portraits", designed and produced New York, New York by Richard Berenholtz, "Los Angeles" by Tim Street-Porter and Laura Wilson’s "Avedon At Work: In The American West" not to mention dozens of high end Disney books.

Welcome Entertainment, as a film production company, produced "Ziggy’s Gift", for ABC for which Ms Tabori won an Emmy in 1982.

Lena Tabori began her publishing career in 1967 at Harry N. Abrams where she developed and edited Masaai by photographer Carol Beckwith, Norman Rockwell’s Christmas and numerous other titles.

She left in 1980 as Vice President of Marketing and Special Sales to co-found Stewart, Tabori & Chang, a company now owned by the French Groupe Latigny.

Ms. Tabori has contributed articles to various national magazines, has taught at The Women’s School and was an Adjunct Professor at NYU. She has served as a director on the board of the American Book Producers Association and participates in many seminars, panel discussions and lecture series in the publishing industry.

Ms. Tabori has two grown daughters, Natasha and Katrina (both of whom work at Welcome) and a 10-week old grandson, George Michael. She lives in New York City with Frank Rehor. She grew up in the theatre. Her mother was Swedish actress, Viveca Lindfors; Her stepfather, Hungarian writer-director George Tabori.

Probably, if Leo Lerman, then with Conde Nast, hadn't opened his art library to her when she was eleven, she would be a theatre producer today instead of a book publisher.

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