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Lena Tabori

Lena Tabori

Posted: May 7, 2010 08:30 AM

In 1995, my mother died in Sweden where she had gone to perform her one-woman show, "I Am Strindberg." Last September my eldest daughter became a mother and I a grandmother for the first time (his name is George).

These books cover what I love as a mom and have published for Welcome Books--for mothers new and old.

"My Mother's Clothes"
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The first is "My Mother's Clothes" (Welcome Books, $24.95) by Jeannette Montgomery Barron. She was born in Atlanta to a mother with a taste for fashion and an original, quirky mind and a father who was heir to Coca Cola. His money and her passion created an incredible closet of designer names and amazing clothes. Her one daughter, Jeannette, left home first to photograph in the Andy Warhol New York art scene and then to Rome with her husband and two children. She wore jeans. When her mother became ill with Alzheimer's Jeannette flew home and found a way back to her mother through photographs of her mother's clothes. The resulting book is a touching and precious masterpiece of love between a mother and a daughter. It is a book of memories about a woman who had lost hers; it is a book about letting go but never forgetting.
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