08/02/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

21 Reasons to LOVE The Rain

*No more balcony envy.

*Senegalese umbrella guys pooling profits to buy GM building.

*Camp children weaving entire villages out of lanyard.

*Times Square tourists hogging fewer chairs.

*Easy excuse not to invite anyone to Hamptons.

*Especially if you don't own a place in the Hamptons anymore and hadn't been really talking that up.

*No more sun screen!

*No more sunburn!

*No more tan lines, however sexy these may seem to U.S. Senators.

*Oreo cookies get soggy one hour after opening package. Yum.

*Thin hair looks thicker.

*Thick hair looks funny. (Which makes us thin-haired people happy.)

*Lettuce having a boffo year.

*Puddle-soaked socks bring the great outdoors indoors. All day.

*Parents getting more time to play Candy Land..

*Kids getting more time to play Halo 3.

*Damp pets smell the way God intended.

*Money saved on picnic-in-the-park provisions helping to stretch severance pay.

*Easier to find holes in roof.

*Chance to finally organize digital photos of other summers, when people played outside, wore bathing suits and did that thing with their teeth. What's it called again?

*Oh yeah. Smiling.