08/19/2010 11:20 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Island Life: Mykonos, Greece


Greece has found itself in the headlines for many of the wrong reasons over the past few months. Don't let this negativity put you off experiencing the jewel in the Greek crown -- the Greek islands. The islands are still a magical destination, a place where you can escape, forget your worries and re-energize yourself in a setting fresh out of a Hollywood movie. Yes, they really are that good! Greece has not lost its luster, far from it.

I found myself on the delightful island of Mykonos this summer shooting a television show. I enjoyed every minute of island life. Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group of islands and is only 41 square miles with a low season population of just over 9000. This swells up three to four times during the peak tourist seasons between June and September.

Mykonos possesses a unique energy, a vibrancy that captivates. At first glance the island is simply a beautiful series of white houses blended into a rocky background. This beauty is certainly part of the charm of the island, but if you simply scratch beneath this surface you will experience a destination that has the potential to inspire and keep bringing you back for years to come. The island has kept its Greek heritage as well as integrating the international jet set and hordes of Italian tourists that call Mykonos home for the summer.

Mykonos is an island of extremes. If you prefer wiling away your days on a secluded beach the options are plenty, Agio Sostis being my personal favorite. Then again if you enjoy throwing caution to the wind and frolicking in the nude this to can be arranged. Super Paradise is the most famous nude beach on the island. If you want to spend your nights enjoying the delicacies of a Greek traditional meal with the splendor of the sun setting over the crystal blue Aegean waters the island caters to your every desire The Sea Satin restaurant is a cut above the rest and is located opposite 'Little Venice' which is a famous spot for watching the sunset. For the jet setters, world renowned sushi restaurant Nobu opened its doors and brought with it a cosmopolitan flare to the islands dining experience. Mykonos, is most certainly an island of extremes.

The most intense part to Mykonos is its nightlife. I have traveled the world and can confidently say I have never been to a place with such a diverse array of options in such a confined area. There are clubs and bars galore dotted around the pebbled streets of this Greek oasis. I highly suggest making a pit stop at the Scandinavian Bar or Bar Aroma. There is also a vibrant gay scene on the island which mingles smoothly with all the other island nightlife. Every night at 2:15am there is drag queen show at the bar Jackie O. It is most definitely worth a peek...

My only issue with Mykonos was that I couldn't find a place to smash plates! The smashing of plates is typically Greek and although there were plenty of traditional Greek bouzoukia where people play and sing Greek music the absence of plate smashing was a little disappointing. I was informed that this practice was outlawed a few years ago...

All in all Mykonos is definitely a destination I would recommend to all age groups. It has a special charm. A charm that keeps on drawing people back to the island year after year.