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Leslie Gabel-Brett
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The Walls Are Tumbling Down

(371) Comments | Posted February 24, 2012 | 4:06 PM

Although we still have a long way to go, it would be hard not to draw the conclusion that February 2012 is the month that the walls came tumbling down and the march toward marriage equality in this country became unstoppable.

In less than three weeks, here's what has happened:

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A Very Good Day for Human Rights

(5) Comments | Posted December 7, 2011 | 8:15 PM

Sometimes a confluence of events makes us see how big the changes are that are taking place in our world. Just as President Obama released a memo directing all federal foreign policy and aid agencies to "promote and protect the rights of LGBT persons" and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton...

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Occupy the First Amendment

(11) Comments | Posted November 29, 2011 | 4:33 PM

I mean, let's really occupy the First Amendment, inhabit every corner of it: freedom of expression, of religion, of a free press, the right to petition the government for redress of our grievances, and to peaceably assemble. We have to occupy this amendment and hold our ground.

Our nation was...

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DOMA: What Will Congress Do?

(7) Comments | Posted March 2, 2011 | 5:28 PM

This has been a dramatic and historic week in our fight for LGBT equality. Just yesterday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed papers in our case representing Karen Golinski, a federal judicial employee who has been denied equal medical coverage for her wife.

It was only last week...

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Listen Up -- Atlanta Victory Sends Message

(8) Comments | Posted December 9, 2010 | 11:20 AM

While attention is focused on efforts to end discrimination against lesbian, gay and bisexual members of our nation's military, a legal knock-out against another violation of our rights has just occurred, putting an end to certain unfair and unconstitutional practices of the Atlanta Police Department. Whether we are judging the...

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ENDA: We've Waited Long Enough

(6) Comments | Posted May 21, 2010 | 5:11 PM

Vandy Beth Glenn should not have to wait any longer. In 2007, she lost her job as a legislative editor for the Georgia General Assembly because of discrimination against her as a transgender employee.

And Richard Mitchell should not have to wait any longer. In 2006, he was fired...

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