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A Sex Kitten Pageant = It Pays for her Schooling=Another American lie

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Miss America poses for what she's told is fresh and new

Sexed up pictures--rusty relics of ridicule

Do the dance, shed the clothes, world peace traded for pieces of vaporized souls

Corporate commercials sold

Exploitation thrives in:

A corset

A Hijab

A Burka

An exposed string bikini too

All symbols of what men expect of you

Your body is the ratings-producing- product sold

You're another mascara- running- pageant -centerfold

Pay Donald Trumps bills

Attract the wrong kind of man

devoured --you'll get tossed in the garbage can

Anachronistic chains-- pushing women back in time

Corporate greed, smiling, drooling, smacking lips

The Stoning of a young girl's heart

A crown of thorns ripping exposed skin apart

When will we learn objectification is not admiration?

Put your clothes on Miss America

And, if you get out intact

Run to the library

Learn about objects of exploitation

Get smart

Never look back