12/17/2013 05:23 pm ET Updated Feb 16, 2014

GOP, Stop Manufacturing Scandals -- We Cannot Afford Anymore Tea Party-Made Crises

Dear GOP Congress,

Please do not tease me and millions like me. You have given me hope by actually doing something! Do not get too excited. I do not like your budget. Your budget sneaks in benefits for doctors, while cancelling unemployment compensation for millions of people still out of work and allowing children to go to bed hungry -- this is not good. But it is better than creating scandals, and crises, and shutting down the government again, or not governing at all. We are not fooled, just tired.

Stop manufacturing scandals -- a handshake with Raul Castro; talking with Iran; and healthcare are not scandals. When did talking become a bad thing? OK, we know, when the president does it, it's baaaaddddddd. All scandals are not created equal, and not all congressmen are the same. But Congress is sending a clear message as a body. Too many of the crazies still have too much power. But Speaker Boehner has left the door open for a little sanity and progress, and a girl can dream!

The real scandals across our country include MI's new rape insurance; red states still not expanding Medicaid; more red states passing additional anti-women, anti-voting, and anti-healthcare laws; Congress not extending unemployment compensation, no farm bill, (corporate subsidies still good -- SNAP, still bad), and no immigration reform... Not to mention no jobs bill and no stimulus/infrastructure/transportation bill. America, are we going to stand for this?

Congress, please take note. Here are your Real Disgraceful Scandals:
The Gun Safety Disgrace -- Even President Reagan supported the Brady Bill -- yes, that President Reagan. Reagan was for common sense laws to help keep guns out the hands of the bad, sick, and depraved. One year after Sandy Hook, hundreds more children are dead and injured by gun violence and the Tea Party & GOP are more scared of the NRA than they are of the bad guys with guns. This is so wrong and sad. But we can fix this.

The Immigration Disgrace -- What has both Republican and Democratic support, is supported by 90 percent of Americans, is good for the economy, will create jobs, increase tax revenues, reduce crime and Homeland security budgets and has no chance of being brought up for a vote by Boehner? You got it -- Immigration Reform! There is still time, Mr. Boehner.

The Single-Payer, Carbon-Tax and Tax Reform Disgraces -- What were Republican programs, developed and promoted by conservative think tanks, and supported by Republicans before the President endorsed them? Carbon Tax, Single Payer, Immigration Reform and yes, even common sense gun safety. ACA/Obamacare is the Republican alternative.

So GOP Congressmen, go home to your districts and complain that there is a war on Christmas. Tuck your children in bed, and enjoy the season while you let benefits run out for 1,300,000 Americans. Continue to insist that providing benefits for people that earned those benefits while they worked is causing them to be fat and lazy.

Speaker Boehner admitted this week that he and the GOP were misled by the Tea Party and conservative "think tanks," to shut down the government and do a lot of other despicable things. Maybe Mr. Boehner will see the errors of his ways and want to redeem himself and his party by making a positive difference. What's a $28 Billion shutdown, a do-nothing Boehner-Congress, 46 votes against ACA, NO JOBS bill, no immigration reform, and no stimulus bill amongst friends? Maybe the Tea Party will remember the "do unto others" and other "Christian values" of the season that they seem so eager to preach but not adopt for themselves. Wishful thinking perhaps, but it's the season of miracles, right?