10/24/2013 06:14 pm ET Updated Dec 24, 2013

What if Romney Had Won -- Darker Days Lie Ahead In a Tea PartyLand America

I am not an economist or a mind-reader but I can see a more Republican/Tea Party country would be a very ugly place, and not the country I want to leave my kids. The Republicans say they are doing it all for the children.

This is a follow-up to the Republican spin strategy -- If Republicans say it, the opposite is true. They are masters at throwing suspicion onto Democrats for things they themselves are guilty; and unfortunately, Democrats seem to fall for it every time. Why is the GOP obsessed with Benghazi and not Iraq? Why the obsession with the IRS? They want to dismember the powerful agency so they can infuse politics with more money to bury their opponents. Republicans call Democrats Socialists but it is the Republicans that have adopted the worst of the European austerity that has pushed unemployment to 50 percent in some countries.

Republicans want to live in a world where they pick who can vote, who gets rights, who gets healthcare, how you can pray. They want to limit education. They have not created any (middle class) jobs. They do not want to help small businesses grown, and they applaud student debt.

America will break. Austerity and the GOP strategy is a path to more poverty, no jobs, and the elimination of the social safety net. It is no secret that Republicans want to privatize our military and eliminate or privatize Medicare and Social Security. Combined, these measures will lead to a world-wide depression caused by the Tea Party fringe. Republicans are not deterred by the damage caused by the government shutdown and potential looming debt ceiling debacle. It has energized them, and they are ready to do it again. What is moral, ethical, and Christian about hurting the poor, pushing more children into a life of poverty and limiting education? This path is not sustainable and will destroy the America we know.

Republicans should be afraid. We are not going to be a scary "Socialist European" country. The GOP will remake our government to look more like Saudi Arabia -- the rich calling the shots will think they are royalty. Our air will look like China's. Our economy and workplaces will look like Bangladesh and Greece's.

In the meantime, Republicans have progressive groups running in circles trying to undo voter suppression laws, restrictions to women's healthcare, and re-instating weaker financial and EPA-type regulations. We are moving backwards very quickly as a country. Tea Partyland is a scary place and this is before they have won big.

Republicans are being very short-sighted. This is not a blueprint for a country that most people would want to raise their children. At some point there is nowhere left to run or hide from all of those other scary, poor, uneducated people they are trying to control. The only thing everyone has lots of is guns -- lots and lots of guns.

These angry old white men are too proud of being divisive, entitled, obstructionists, and champions of eliminating social programs. Many of the Tea Party support ideals of the Confederacy. The fringe is in control -- and out of control.

The GOP solution to every problem is a tax break for the rich, eliminate benefits for the poor, privatization, obstruct everything, and bomb other countries. The GOP is the problem. There is no one with the courage to stand up to the fringe. What if Romney had won? The rich would pay less taxes, and social programs and regulations would be eliminated. No jobs would be created. We would see who the real TAKERS are. We would be at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iran, N. Korea, and probably some other places. Whose kids are they sending to these wars?

The Republicans plan to make a lot of changes for our children... Changes we cannot afford in Tea Partyland.

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