10/09/2013 06:32 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Why Do Republicans Get Away With Saying Such Outrageous Things? They Are Distracting Us While They Do Real Damage

Tired of all the outrageous things Republicans say and are not held accountable? Whether or not you like the president, he is President of the United States. That used to mean something. What happened to civility and honor? Why do Republicans / tea party get a free pass when they say things that are inappropriate, are lies, and can cause international disruption, concern for safety, and embarrassment? What they do not say themselves, they have their surrogates say for them. Democrats are held accountable for things that donors or pundits say. Why the double standard? While Democrats are far from perfect, Republicans own the shutdown, obstructionism, austerity, dysfunction, divisiveness, lies, deception, and misinformation.

While there must be solid consequences for spouting misinformation, we must be on guard for distractions. Like usual, if the Republicans say it, then the complete opposite is true. "Trickle Down" is a perfect example. What really trickles down? Poverty, despair, lack of hope, lies, and tricks. There is NO positive Trickle Down benefit when only the wealthy do well. But, shut down the government, and the negative impact from a Trickle Down can be felt by millions immediately. Trickle Down works -- but only for really bad stuff.

Not convinced there is a double-standard? What IF... any of these were committed by a Democrat?

What if... Democrats voted to shut down the government one week after voting to start another war while we are still at war in a different country?
What if... Democrats accused a Republican president of dealing with terrorists?
• ...Democrats were recorded on an open mic scheming and bragging that their strategy to keep the government shutdown was winning?
• ...a Democrat had proclaimed his/her love, devotion, and commitment to govern in the name of his Marxist, Socialist cult hero who denounced faith and religion? (Paul Ryan♥Ayn Rand)
• ...a Democrat had shouted out "YOU LIE!" to a Republican president during the State of the Union?
• ...Dems had insisted a Rep president was a Muslim, not born in this country, committed to the ideals of Sharia Law, was not smart enough to go to the colleges and universities he graduated from?
• ...Democrats shut down the government because they did not like a law?
• ...Democrats voted 41 times to overturn a law? Congress' approval rating is 15 percent. Obamacare's is 50 percent. Which should be repealed?
What if... A Democratic president lied to go to war?
• ...A Democratic Congress voted for unfunded wars, unpaid Medicare benefits, and the Bush Tax Cuts, costing Trillions?
• ...Democrats only wanted to govern for 1 percent of the population?
• ...Democrats lied about the deficit growing (when, indeed, it is rapidly shrinking)?
What IF....?
• ...a Democrat running for president was single-handedly financed by one person?
• ... Democrats suppressed the (GOP) vote?
• ...Dems kept saying raising the debt ceiling gives the president a blank check?
• ...Democrats owned the massive, secret gun data base?
• ...the Dems' only goal was to bring the government to the brink?
• ...Democrats were for a carbon tax, individual mandate, gun safety, basic common sense regulations, paying the bills, etc., before they were against them?
• ...What if Democrats won more votes nationally but lost the election? Wait, that's the plan...

What if all the games are a distraction to steal votes? This is the latest Republican plan when they cannot win on the issues. Rig the electoral college so a candidate, a Democrat, can win the popular vote, but lose the election. It is already happening and spreading to more states. In just five states during the 2012 election, Democrats received approximately 650,000 votes more than Republicans, but Republicans picked up 27 more seats in those House districts. Welcome to the future of American politics. We must care enough to vote and fix this.

We have to hold those accountable; while, not getting completely distracted while the real damage of stealing votes, rights, and elections is happening. We must bring back honor and truthfulness to leadership and governing, but not get tricked in the meantime and lose the war.