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Li Cornfeld

Li Cornfeld

Posted: November 23, 2010 03:46 PM

Audiences seeking a salacious escape from the saccharine cheer of the holiday season have a lot of to choose from in New York. Determining the cream of the sexed-up Santa crop can pose a challenge to audiences already overwhelmed by Christmas excess. For five adult-oriented holiday shows which promise to be among the season's best - and naughtiest - click onwards...

Naked Holidays
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The Show: Naked Holidays
When and Where: December 10 -19 at Ace of Clubs, $20/$15 for students
How Nice: Produced by EndTimes Productions, Naked Holidays bills itself as a "darkly comic Yuletide bacchanalia." According to The New York Times, last year's iteration contained the funniest adult-themed holiday skit of the year.
How Naughty: Reindeers plot the murder of Rudolph and a hooker works the North Pole. Also, there will be eggnog.

(Photo by Kaitlin Dale)
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