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Lianna Carrera
Some call Lianna a rising star. The truth is she shines pretty brightly right where she is. There is no question that Lianna is someone who is going places.

Lianna is an internationally renowned stand-up comedienne, having performed through Ireland, South Africa and the United States. Under the helm of the Creative Management Entertainment Group in Los Angeles, California, she is currently parlaying her skills as a stand-up comedienne into a Hosting and Television career.

Lianna has performed in notable venues including the Laugh Factory, The Improv, and has even received a coveted bid to the invite-only World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yet even so, Lianna is a comic who prefers performing in more peculiar, less traditional spaces. She has heeded the advice, "Never turn down a stage!" and has calcified her craft in unique spaces such as father/son picnics, hotel lobbies, and even church chapels. She has opened for ingenious musicians as well, performing stand-up comedy in concert venues across the country.

If you ask Lianna what her favorite gig was, she'll fondly recall the times she performed in front-of all Deaf audiences with a Sign Language Interpreter.

If you're beginning to get the sense that Lianna is not your ordinary comic, we're just getting started. Lianna was raised the daughter of a Southern Baptist Minister and a Deaf mom. Then, Lianna came out as a lesbian early on in High School.

Now the gay daughter of a retired Southern Baptist minister, it is through this perspective that Lianna sees the world. Her work is the intersection and the shedding of all of her life experiences.

Because Lianna grew up balancing many cultures (Gay, Straight, Christian, Non-Christian, Deaf, Hearing, White, Hispanic, Conservative, Liberal, to name a few) it should be no surprise that she attracts an audience just as diverse. Lianna has an uncanny way of walking onto the stage and putting the entire room at ease.

Of Lianna Carrera, Grammy nominated artist Jennifer Knapp writes, "There are comics that seem to only seek the adulation of others thrust upon them, and then there are those who usher us to a place of greater truth. Lianna Carrera is the latter. "

Off-stage, Lianna enjoys many hobbies including blogging for Huffington Post Comedy, facilitating conversations on faith, playing with her two mini dachshunds Gator and Graham, and watching modern dance and ballet. Lianna loves Black Comedies, too (think shows like Martin, In Living Color, Wayans Brothers) and is also a bit of a wine enthusiast, having worked as a wine consultant before she transitioned into comedy.

Lianna leaves a room having engaged everyone in it. She is exactly the addition you need to take your project, show or series to the next plane.

A plane, by the way, that she sits on naturally. Lianna Carrera has simply mastered being unapologetically who she is. And like we said-

-She shines.

For Television & Film Quote: Creative Marketing Entertainment Group Manager: Marki Costello (310) 207-7333

For Stand-Up Bookings:
Chris Ford Contact:
(312) 857 - 6385

To keep up, find her on Facebook at; watch her videos at or visit

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