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Informational Elves: The New Virtual World

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Surfing the web as usual, I came across the most unique and creative idea I've seen in a while. A new virtual world filled with informational elves. Inf (dot) net has an amazing project, where you can easily create your own virtual character that other people can chat with, and get information from.

"Li: I'm inf Li.
Guest: I am all about music and writing, so ask away!
Li: Music is one of the most common interests of people across the planet.
Guest: How old are you?
Li: Twenty four!
Guest: Are you married?
Li: Yes!"

These cute creatures never get tired or hungry, so they hang out twenty four hours, seven days a week, at your desired location. They serve as an entertaining, fun tool to help others learn about you (or the character you choose to create). You give them orders and answers, eventually creating a wonderful, one of a kind personality. Infs aren't limited by language, or your input, having tons of previously entered replies. You can teach them English, Spanish, French, or whatever language you choose. You also have the option of adding responses to cues, making them smile, laugh, look surprised, or angry.

Pavel Sirotin, Product Manager, and one of the creators of Inf (dot) net said: "We develop interfaces to enable communication with machines using natural language. That is, talking with them like real people and not only using just keywords."

Pretty cool, huh?

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