01/28/2011 05:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Turista Clothing Launches Its Website

Many youngsters are holding back on their shopping habits as a result of our staggering economy. For some of us, there are days when we have to choose between a pair of shoes, a shirt, eating out, a video game, a movie ticket, or another expense. Turista Clothing's owner Mario Medina says: "I grew tired of trying to follow expensive fashion trends, so I created my own. I don't have to pay more than twenty dollars for a shirt anymore."

Turista Clothing (dot) com states: "It encourages people to express themselves individually and take a stand against trends, fads and more importantly expensive fashion."

The website also poses the question: "Why should I buy from you? The only reason YOU should buy something its because YOU like it and stand behind it. Simple as that, sponsor us if you like our vision and our products. No more, no less."

Vivid colors clashing with pop-art set the tone when entering Turista Clothing (dot) com. The possibilities behind this new company include an array of extras, from being a featured band on the website, to submitting your artwork for printing consideration.

The twenty-five year old artist founded Turista Clothing, combining his love for art, passion for music, and devotion to traveling the world.

If you happen to be searching for amazing new shirts, give yourself a chance, take a peek at Turista Clothing. Perhaps, you will awake the turista confined within you.

Limari Colón is oficially the co-owner and brand manager of Turista Clothing.