02/17/2012 09:54 am ET | Updated Apr 18, 2012

Discoveries From an Unofficial "Hot Guys on TV" Social Media Poll

From time to time, I check in with my social media followers by conducting an unofficial poll about current television. I feel it's a pretty easy way to keep my finger on the pulse of what's important when it comes to setting aside precious minutes for those shows worthy of the valuable space on my DVR.

My latest poll asked, "Who are the most attractive guys on current television shows?" I was overwhelmed by the huge response in such a short amount of time. After sifting through hundreds of comments and tweets, my quest resulted in certain truths that I found rather interesting.

Vampires are hot.
People may not know how to spell Ian Somerhalder's last name, but they sure love his bad boy charm on The Vampire Diaries. Although Damon Salvatore had a multitude of votes, Eric Northman made sure to sink his teeth into the competition too.

Former crooks are hot.
Former crooks in perfectly fitting suits and a fedora are even hotter. Matt Bomer's piercing baby blues and facial scruff are the reason I look forward to Tuesdays now that White Collar is back on USA. You had me at ankle monitor Neal Caffrey.

Adorable guys who are mistaken for Jason Bateman are hot.
The snarky one-liners. The oozing charm. The boyish grin. The flirtatious rise of an eyebrow. Oh Nathan Fillion... how we love you. Rick Castle for the Pulitzer!

Shemar Moore is hot.
Sometimes, there are no words better than the truth.

Don't cancel The Firm because Josh Lucas is hot.
Sure, every time I see Josh Lucas, I have to fight the desire to watch Sweet Home Alabama and speak the rest of the day with my best Southern Belle drawl. I read that NBC has decided to move The Firm from Thursday night to Saturday night, which is the proverbial nail in the coffin for shows. Tune in people. Do it for Melanie Carmichael.

I need to watch Justified because everyone I know thinks Timothy Olyphant is hot.
This is the perfect example of why I conduct unofficial polls. Clearly, I'm missing out. Is FX a premium channel? Because I'm willing to upgrade. I trust the poll that much.

Most of us are not over the cancellation of Friday Night Lights and hot #33.
The rules were unflinchingly rigid. They specifically stated that participants should nominate CURRENT television dream boats. However, Tim Riggins landed not once, not twice but an astounding 17 times on the list. Texas forever.

What do you think? I'm ready for a list of fine folks who did not make the list. Let the commenting begin!