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Lincee Ray


'The Bachelorette' Season Finale Recap: Des Is Engaged!

Posted: 08/06/2013 3:19 am

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 9, Episode 9 of ABC's "The Bachelorette."

I can appreciate the fact that ABC has been touting this episode as the most dramatic rose ceremony in "Bachelor" history. And I can forgive them for forcing the viewing audience to sit through Chris Harrison masterfully negotiating three hours of mostly fluff, because there were some pretty exciting moments that made me stand up and yell at my own television. Of course, they were tucked away between random studio audience polling and former contestant interviews, but they were there. Allow me to break it down for you:

Stick a Fork in Her
Part 2 of the finale picks up where we left Des last week -- devastated that Brooks is just not that into her. She roams around in her cabana wearing a peach tie-dyed caftan that the wardrobe department frowned upon. Des refused to wallow in her string bikini for the cameras, so they compromised by making her wear a turquoise statement necklace during her interview with Chris Harrison. "I just wanna go hooooome," she laments into a ball of Kleenex. Sorry Des, you're contractually obligated to go on at least one fancy date. Buck up kid.

It's Not You Drew
Des chooses her favorite Pocahontas belly shirt and harem pants to ride horses with Drew. They reach an enchanting part of the beach for their picnic. Before Drew can pour the wine, Des' face is scrunched up and tears are flowing as she quickly chokes out the fact that she isn't in love with him, even though he is so pretty, and sweet, and did she mention pretty? Dumbfounded, Drew insists that she stop apologizing and thanks her for being honest before he dismisses himself to process what just happened while on his horse as it meanders back up to the rejection limo. I don't know if I should feel more sorry for him or the ABC intern who clearly worked hard on constructing that lean-to made from palm fronds.

I Can See Clearly Now That Brooks is Gone
To everyone's surprise, Des decides to not only go on her fantasy catamaran date with Chris, but she also introduces him to her parents, her brother Nate and his parole officer. Within minutes, Des' Dad has given him permission to marry his daughter and even Nate has approved of her choice. Of course, he brings up Brooks and asks if she's over the devastation. Instead of boldly claiming, "YES," she cries. I see the flag. And it is red. Des does not. She insists that because of Brooks' decision to leave, she now sees how much love she has for Chris and is willing to go to the finish line with him, even though he doesn't get that metaphor because that was her secret love language with Brooks -- the guy she REALLY wants to marry.

Truly, Madly, Deeply
Chris rocks the dark suit and a five o'clock shadow as he makes his way to the proposal pedestal, twirling the Neil Lane ring on his index finger. He's ready to spend the rest of his life with Des and tells her so in so many words. Just as he's about to get down on one knee, she stops him. "I KNEW IT!" I scream, high fiving the air. My guess is that Des couldn't pick anyone because she is so COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH BROOKS. Instead, she "comes clean" with Chris and tells him that she was blindsided by her feelings for Brooks, but once he was gone, she could see what was right in front of her.

Right. Because Brooks is gone. Drew is dumped. It's just simple math, really.

Chris begins to smile as she tells him that other guy who always wears pink left five days ago and he's the one for her and has always been. You know, since Brooks left. She finally allows him to get down on one knee and accepts his proposal. They kiss and live happily ever after, or until their three month contract expires.

The One That Got Away
Chris Harrison was quick to put Brooks and Des in the hot seat during "After the Final Rose" and I have to say, Des looked so very sad. There was emotion in her eyes, along with tears, and she just didn't seem over the moon in love with Chris. It seemed forced to me, but I truly hope things work out for those two crazy kids in Seattle. Because we have more exciting things to talk about...

Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!
That's right, people, Juan Pablo is our next Bachelor. Let the countdown to January begin!

What did you think? Is Des over Brooks? Will her relationship with Chris last? Are you pumped about Juan Pablo? Sound off in the comments section!

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  • Alex Michel

    <strong>Season 1:</strong> In the first season, bachelor Alex Michel did <em>not</em> propose to the woman he chose. His relationship with Amanda Marsh lasted for several months.

  • Aaron Buerge

    <strong>Season 2:</strong> Buerge proposed to Helene Eksterowicz on-air. They broke up five weeks after the finale was broadcast. Buerge, who's now settled down with a wife and kids, filled for bankruptcy in 2011.

  • Andrew Firestone

    <strong>Season 3:</strong> In keeping with season 2, Andrew Firestone, the great-grandson of the founder of The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, proposed to his lady of choice. However, they broke up a couple of months later. He is now married to actress Ivana Bozilovic.

  • Bob Guiney

    <strong>Season 4:</strong> Guiney, who was a contestant on the first season of "The Bachelorette," did not propose during the finale, but offered winner Estella Gardinier a promise ring.

  • Jesse Palmer

    <strong>Season 5:</strong> This Canadian boy was the first non-American bachelor to be featured on the show. The sports commentator, who previously played in the NFL and CFL, chose to date Jessica Bowlin, but they broke up within a few months.

  • Byron Velvick

    <strong>Season 6:</strong> Compared to the previously mentioned "Bachelor" relationships, Byron Velvick and his lady-of-choice Maribel Delgado lasted for quite some time. In 2004 he proposed to her in Spanish so that her parents could understand him. They broke up in 2009.

  • Charlie O'Connell

    <strong>Season 7:</strong> For the first time ever in "Bachelor" history, the final rose ceremony was broadcast live on national television. O'Connell did not propose to Sarah Brice, but instead chose to carry on a non-marital relationship. They broke up and got back together several times.

  • Travis Lane Stork

    <strong>Season 8, Paris:</strong> Travis Stork chose schoolteacher Sarah Stone. Like every other "Bachelor," the relationship did not last. Stork is now known as one of the doctors shelling out advice on the show "The Doctors."

  • Lorenzo Borghese

    <strong>Season 9, Rome:</strong> This Italian 'royal' and celebrity animal activist did not propose to the winner he chose. They dated and broke up a year after they filmed the show.

  • Andy Baldwin

    <strong>Season 10</strong> One month after the season finale, Andy Baldwin and his fiancée called off their engagement -- not surprisingly --but continued their relationship. They officially broke up in 2007.

  • Brad Womack

    <strong>Season 11 & 15:</strong> In an unprecedented move, Brad Womack rejected both finalists in the season 11 finale. He returned to be "The Bachelor" in season 15 and proposed to his "choice," Emily Maynard. The two were engaged for a short period of time, and very publicly split last year.

  • Matt Grant

    <strong>Season 12, London Calling:<strong> This English financier and business development manager from London chose Shayne Lamas as the winner. They broke up within months.

  • Jason Mesnick

    <strong>Season 13:</strong> In the season finale, Jason Mesnick called off his engagement with the winner and resumed a relationship with runner-up Molly Malaney. They wed in 2010 and their wedding aired on television.

  • Jake Pavelka

    <strong>Season 14:</strong> This Texas-born "Bachelor" first got his taste at reality TV on "The Bachelorette." Since "The Bachelor" he's been on some reality shows, including "Dancing with the Stars."

  • Ben Flajnik

    <strong>Season 16:</strong> Ben Flajnik is still very clear in our minds. Flajnik and Courtney Robertson broke up in February 2012 while their season was still airing. They reconciled and are now engaged. The two of them don't live in the same city, and are currently going back-and-forth about who will move for the other.