Up from NYC: A Broad's Side View. Unscientific Poll Reveals -- NYC Car Service Drivers Prefer to Listen to Air America

05/25/2011 11:50 am ET

This intriguing, and extremely unscientific, survey comes to me via Marsha Gordon, senior account exec here at LCG Communications.

She takes a car service to and from work most days in Brooklyn and started to "hear" a pattern: most days, drivers have their radios tuned to Air America Radio (and no, neither of us has anything to do with Air America).

So, Marsha started asking questions.

Here's what she found out. Most of the car service drivers she's encountered are foreign-born, men usually from the Caribbean or from Africa. She started asking them why they listen to Air America. The general response: that's where they felt they could get "real" news. Many of these drivers were used to listening to the BBC in their home countries, and felt that Air America was one of the few stations that had intelligent news.

The "ratings," however, tell us that most people, especially during "morning drive time," prefer to listen to the "high jinx" antics of morning music show hosts and the like.

So, what's going on here? Could it be that the ratings simply don't account for this population of foreign-born workers -- who, by the way, represent quite a large percentage of New Yorkers? Why not? Is this a population that's simply written off by radio advertisers looking for a bigger bucks audience or are they being written off because, well, they're always written off?

I'd love to hear any experiences that you HuffPost readers might have had that are similar -- or not. Maybe, together, we can find out "the truth."