08/20/2013 12:12 pm ET Updated Oct 20, 2013

Conch Shells -- Another Reason to Love the Beach

As soon as summer rolls around I make it a point to visit the ocean and walk the sandy beach in search of shells, polished stones and softly-worn beach glass. I have collected these tokens since I was a child. My favorite is the conch shell. This uniquely-shaped shell curls into itself in a way that traps air and will express sounds... and form words, too, if you are tuned in!

Various dictionaries define conch shells as belonging to large sea snails. Those shells usually have a spire and canal coming to a point at both ends. That "split" allows for tapping into the auditory aspects of intuitive recognition, also known as clairaudience. The repeated practice of holding a conch shell up to your ear and tuning into it to listen enhances and expands your overall sense of hearing. The result is that the communication we encounter with those around us is much clearer, and our connection to the spiritual awareness within ourselves is much stronger.

Keep in mind that everything around us consists of energy. That energy is made up of information designed to help us more intensely sense the awareness of life than our normal five senses afford us. You can find this awareness in the simplest of forms, like that of a conch shell on a stretch of beach. The benefits are immediate and for those who deal with insomnia, hold the possibility of a restful sleep.

The next time you are at the beach, make a point of picking up one of these beauties of nature and do the following to tune in to the relaxing vibration.

• Rinse the shell off and find a place void of noise where you will not be disturbed.
• Sit in a comfortable position and raise the shell to your ear and quietly listen.
• Inhale and exhale slowly and allow yourself to relax.
• Record your feelings afterward in a journal.

This experience can offer us personal insight in the form of words or feelings. Some people report that "hearing the ocean" in their ear is comforting. Others say that words come to mind and they remember things more clearly. No matter the result, it is a positive experience that allows us to nurture ourselves in a way that embraces nature rather than electronics.

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