08/11/2010 09:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Now Gibbs Is "All Wee-Weed Up" Over the Left

Almost exactly a year ago, President Obama uttered these memorable words:

"There's something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up."

He was talking about fears that his health care bill would not pass both the House and the Senate. Turns out, those fears were justified many times over.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the source of this memorable phrase, explained it thusly: "This is sort of an August pattern of people getting overly nervous about something that has a long way to go... Bedwetting would probably be the more consumer-friendly term for it."

Now Gibbs has become the Wee-Weer-in-Chief. And with good reason.

If the "professional left" and their audiences don't turn out big for Democrats this November, then gone will be any chance of "bipartisan" deals with Congress (assuming there ever was any). If Gibbs thinks he has problems now, just wait. He will have to trade in his press secretary's "flak jacket" for a sign saying "Kick me, Republicans."

My prediction: Gibbs gets a "promotion" that removes him from talking to the press, just like George Stephanopoulos did during the Clinton administration.

My advice to the president: Get past the "boys on the bus" mentality inside the White House, and promote some women to your inner circle. Gibbs ran off two senior women in the communications office, and eminent economist Christina Romer quit recently because she was sandbagged by Larry Summers et al. Nothing stops towel-snapping in the locker room faster than a female reporter among naked men.

It's time for some grown ups in the White House, and Robert Gibbs isn't one of the them. Pampers, anyone?