Life in Front of a Screen: Finding Your Rhythm

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Someone always stops me in the hall at a conference or asks anxiously after a talk: How much time should I spend in front of a screen? At what point should I pull back and take a break? Should I stop every 30 or 45 minutes?

My response is always the same: How do you feel? Your body is wiser than your mind in these matters.

The challenge is, most of us, especially those engaged with technology in some way, tend to favor the inclinations of the mind. The mind, for many of us, is often tyrannical towards the body. "Just stay up 3 more hours. One more all-nighter. A Red Bull or two and I'll meet this deadline! No walking until this paper is done..."

Our always-on lifestyle has favored thinking and doing. As we move toward a lifestyle that seeks quality of life, we'll find ourselves valuing sensing and feeling. We see the first signs of this in the various food related movements that are gaining popularity: slow foods, Farmer's Markets, and preferences for artisanal and local organic foods.

Check in: How do I feel? What would feel better? These questions can help create a flexible, flowing sensibility that will enable the wisdom of both body and mind to come through in everything we do.

Share your stories. When you stop to check in with your feelings, what do you learn? Does it shift your behavior? How do you tune in to the wisdom of your body?