12/09/2010 08:54 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The No Mirror Project, Day 2: Reflections on No Reflection

Day 2

Tuesday, December 7th

Yesterday I fudged a little and used a mirror. I broke the rules, and in an embarrassed school-girl way, vowed to never do it again. I'm sorry, Teach! Forgive me! Today I was good. Today I earned a gold star.

I didn't miss the mirror when doing my hair. Thought I was going to, didn't. I have one of those sweet Conair dryers with the brush attached, so that makes it easy. I certainly wanted to check the result, but instead channeled Willow Smith, whipped my hair back and forth, and was finished.

Getting dressed, on the other hand, required some analysis. Since I wouldn't be able to try out different outfits and see how they looked, I had to go with something simple. Ted Baker black wool dress and gray tights. Done. Less is more. Long chain and silver bangles. Professional, clean, stylish.

If only all mornings could be this easy, I thought. But why can't they? There is a lot of crap in my closet that somehow always needs finagling. Some might call it styling, but that doesn't fit right with me. Putting together an outfit is not something I particularly enjoy on a daily basis. So hot damn, I need more dresses. They are so easy! I hope the scratch-offs in my stocking this year yield some serious cash; mama needs some new clothes.

I messed up with the shoes, though. A mirror would've been handy here. Black ballet flats were the wrong choice. When I saw my photo, I asked my coworker to take another, and this time I stood on my tippy-toes. The dress was too shapeless to be worn with flats, and heels would've given the outfit better proportions.

I couldn't bother with make-up. Yesterday I tried and failed, so today I just avoided it all together. I felt kinda good about my decision and then realized that it was more about fear of failure then about confidence. Uh-oh. That's something to work on. There are three more days.


Check back tomorrow for Day 3.