Coachella: Up Close

04/22/2014 08:13 am ET | Updated Jun 22, 2014
Lindsey Best

Every year Coachella is known for having it's own unique memorable music moments. Whether it's catching local acts such as Haim, recent grammy winner Lorde, reunion acts like the much-anticipated OutKast set, surprise guests like Jay-Z, old-school punk bands like The Toy Dolls, or electronic artists such as Dillion Francis or Fat Boy Slim, Coachella goers always have a vast variety of musical experiences to fill their weekend with. Here's a look at some of these performances up close and personal.

[All photographs by Lindsey Best]

AFI 2014-04-22-AFI_HAI5698x.jpg AFI's Davey Havok crowd surfs at the main stage during the band's third song, "I Hope You Suffer."

Aloe Blacc 2014-04-22-AloeBlacc_AB05513x.jpg

Broken Bells 2014-04-22-BrokenBells_BB09481x.jpg Broken Bells, composed of producer Danger Mouse and James Mercer of the Shins, captivated a crowd at the Outdoor stage with their incredibly tight set.

Bryan Ferry 2014-04-22-BryanFerry_BF05888x.jpg

Crosses 2014-04-22-Crosses_CRS6040xx.jpg Crosses, composed of Chino Moreno from Deftones, Far guitarist Shaun Lopez, and Chuck Doom, perform a late night set in the Mojave tent.

Girl Talk 2014-04-22-GirlTalk_GT05904x.jpg Girl Talk brings the party on the main stage.

Haim 2014-04-22-Haim_HAI5613x.jpg Local Los Angeles band HAIM perform on the Outdoor Stage.

Kate Nash 2014-04-22-KateNash_KN05757x.jpg Kate Nash gets up close and personal with her fans.

OutKast 2014-04-22-OutKast_OUT9809x.jpg Long awaited reunion and massive festival tour kick off for OutKast begins with André 3000 and Big Boi performing within the confines of a screen square.

The Replacements 2014-04-22-TheReplacements_REP5853x.jpg Since their reunion in 2012, this Coachella performance was the bands first performance in the area in quite some time.

ZZ Ward 2014-04-22-ZZWard_ZZ08880x.jpg

Cage the Elephant 2014-04-22-CagetheElephant_TEM6198x.jpg Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant crowd surfs to the soundboard at the end of their set on the main stage.

Fat Boy Slim 2014-04-22-FatBoySlim_FBS0235x.jpg Fat Boy Slim draws a huge crowd at the Sahara tent.

Dillion Francis 2014-04-22-Francis_DF00093x.jpg Dillion Francis fans can't get enough in the Sahara tent.

Julian Casablancas 2014-04-22-JulianCasablancas_JC06338x.jpg Julian Casablancas, front man of the Strokes and a last minute Coachella add, rocked out in the Mojave tent.

Lorde 2014-04-22-Lorde_LOR6661x.jpg Seventeen year old Lorde, who already has two Grammy awards, captivates a huge crowd at the Outdoor stage for her first Coachella appearance.

MGMT 2014-04-22-MGMT_MGM6448x.jpg

Muse 2014-04-22-Muse_MUS0307x.jpg Headliners Muse shred on the main stage during the Coachella dust storm.

Nas and Jay Z 2014-04-22-NasandJayZ_NOS7330x.jpg Previous Coachella headliner Jay Z joins Nas as a surprise guest during his late night set at the Outdoor stage.

Pharrell 2014-04-22-Pharrell_PHR7048x.jpg Pharrell draws one of the biggest crowds of the weekend on the Outdoor stage.

QOTSA 2014-04-22-QOTSA_QOT6912x.jpg Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age enjoys rocking out in the desert city near where he grew up. Solange 2014-04-22-Solange_LOR6727x.jpg

Temple 2014-04-22-Temple_TEM9972x.jpg

Arcade Fire 2014-04-22-ArcadeFire_AF00761x.jpg Win Butler of Arcade Fire takes a photographer's camera and snaps a few photos of the crowd from stage.

Beck 2014-04-22-Beck_BCK7632x.jpg Beck enjoys getting into his high energy set on the main stage.

Lana Del Rey 2014-04-22-LanaDelRey_LDR7581x.jpg Lana Del Rey performs on the Outdoor stage to a mass of dedicated fans.

The Toy Dolls 2014-04-22-TheToyDolls_TD07377x.jpg Old-school British punk-rockers The Toy Dolls bring style, fun, and energy to the Gobi tent.

Little Dragon 2014-04-22-LanaDelRey_LD00572x.jpg

The 1975 2014-04-22-The1975_1970427x.jpg

Disclosure 2014-04-22-Disclosure_DIS0695x.jpg