02/14/2014 11:19 am ET Updated Apr 16, 2014

Conscious Living

"What exactly is consciousness," someone asked me recently. "Well," I replied, "it is what we are supposed to be developing deep within our inner being." This started an interesting exchange of thoughts.

Although scientists are trying desperately to find the "God Spot," it remains as elusive as Ether, spoken about by the Ancient Greek Philosophers. However, consciousness is what life is all about. Different states of consciousness help to identify the innermost part of being, connecting one to the essence -- very much like a drop of honey, clearly the same as the source, just different in quantity.

When we change levels of consciousness, we influence existing memories stored in the collective unconscious, spoken about by Carl Jung. What is stored in memory, once deleted, is no longer there.

Thoughts and words are definitely stored in our inner being. They change our perceptions, influence our actions and determine our history. Just imagine what it would be like, if a group of people suddenly recognized how sacred life is, and began acting in unison? Would this not change the consciousness of the group, and in turn affect the consciousness of the globe as well?
Chaos Theory describes the effects of a butterfly fluttering its wings on one side of the world, but rarely do we consider the effects bombs have, when dropped mercilessly on the planet. Too busy counting up money, humans lose sight of the greater picture; knowledge that brings wisdom and insight.

When able to acknowledge the sacred, nourish and respect it in our everyday lives, change will come to our inner being and in turn to the being of the world in general. This is a quest and a chance to rewrite history. Memories after all, contain the elusive elixir, prized by the alchemists of old -- this is nothing more valuable other than clarified consciousness vibrating at a golden frequency.

As old systems collapse, human kind must reevaluate their position on this planet and readdress the needs of a human race wanting to evolve. In the past, people revered nature, stood in awe of her and believed that there was a Great Spirit that held everything together. Nowadays we believe we are invincible, and that we have mastered the forces of nature. Perhaps some of us have, but in the end result we can no longer find excuses for the millions of people who are homeless or who die of malnutrition. Whilst some hoard treasurers, others look for scraps to survive on. This complex world of different species fighting for survival is the breeding ground of consciousness.

The world challenges us continuously to awaken through disintegration, to integrate the many changes at different levels and to begin living consciously in order to bring about a sense of well being and achievement to community living. We may no longer stand passively on the sidelines, criticizing how people live their lives, until we have perfected the way we live our life. There is a need to reestablish connections in communities, to learn from the Ancient Egyptians that money and goods do not find their way into the invisible world, but rather diminish as does the human body, no matter how much we try to wrap it up in protective layers. The Egyptian Pharaohs certainly left us a message in their artifacts strewn across the land, but how conscious are we when we walk down the overgrown paths of the past, to glimpse at how great civilizations inevitably crumbled.

This is the way of the world, that the tide will come up to shore bringing with it the splendor of the sea, but it shall also wash back, taking what it has given, back into its center.

Changing hatred to love, we can heal the wounds of yesteryear. If we make an effort, we can recognize that each and every one of us, share a planet called Earth and that it will not be here forever. We can show gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us, and pay homage to love by trying to become as balanced as we can be. After all, is this not awakening to the consciousness that washes over us, bringing a sense of awe for the brilliance in life? We need to become conscious of the raging seas and the quiet waters that flow within us. We need to become aware of the potential and possibilities that lie within us. When we begin to utilize these inner resources, then we will create a different world and begin to live in harmony with nature. Then perhaps we can honestly say that we are living consciously.