Dems Need the Courage of Joshua and Caleb

05/16/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In the battle for health care reform in America, it's time to get Biblical.

Lord knows we've tried everything else to convince Democrats they really are the party in power... and yes, the promised land -- health care reform -- is in reach.

First, a quick Bible story:

With major help from the Lord (in the form of locusts, plagues, etc.) Moses convinces Pharaoh to "Let His People Go!" God divides the Red Sea to allow Moses to lead his people out of Egypt, and they all head to the promised land -- the land of milk and honey.

However, Moses knows they are going to have to fight and get rid of enemies to possess the land they've been promised. When they get to the edge of the promised land, he sends twelve spies to go and check it out. When the spies get back, ten of them say, "No way can we take possession of this land. Our enemies are GIANTS! We'll never be able to defeat them."

Only, Joshua and Caleb said, "Hey, hold on a minute. We can do this! We CAN possess the land.

But the naysayers prevailed saying, "Yeah, but our enemies will devour us. They're just stronger than we are." You see, the Hebrews had forgotten they had the power: GOD! For goodness sakes, he had just PARTED THE RED SEA FOR THEM!

Now about this time, God was getting fed up with them and decided to let them languish in the desert for 40 years. All of the older ones -- the ones with the slave mentality -- died off, and only Joshua, Caleb and the younger generation made it to the promised land.

You see where I'm going with this, right?

The Democrats have the power in DC. They have both houses of Congress and the White House. (I'd also like to think they have the power on their side in this health care reform fight, and I hope He's not fed up with them yet).

So the Democrats have the power, yet they are afraid to 'possess the land.'

This upcoming health reform bill is the first test. There are more tests, more reforms to come -- finance, education, campaign spending, and energy to name a few.

I agree with the President: "We need courage!" But not just any courage -- try the 'Can Do' courage of Joshua and Caleb.

Let's hope the Dems are leaving their 40 years in the wilderness and not just starting them!