05/08/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Standing Up Is Not Overrated

It's time for the Democrats to put on their big-boy pants and stand up. This is not a time for weak backsides. They have dilly-dallied over health care reform too long. What are they waiting for -- the Second Coming?

For the President, it's time to kick butt and take names. I mean really come on! How many more speeches, talking points, press interviews, and summits do we need? Fish or cut bait. Stand up or crawl.

It's yes or no time.

The Repubs, as unified as they are (gotta give them props for that), have their talking points ready for the next two weeks: "Obama continues to focus on health care despite high unemployment." "The President is forcing health care on Americans and ignoring jobs."

The Dems continuously play catch-up with getting their message out. There's a reason for that: What is the Democratic message on health care? The one that we will hear from all Democrats in the unified way the Repubs spread their rhetoric!

Dems in Congress could use a big shot of testosterone right about now.

In a Washington Post article, Charles Chamberlain, political director for Democracy for America, summed it up accurately:

"It's really remarkable when you have a strong Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate and a Democratic president and still not get a lot of things passed. Some of that blame rests on Republicans, but the Democratic Party is not standing up to lead."

Standing up to there's a concept.