10/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Don't Know Much About National Security

Can we please cut the nonsense?! This notion that Sarah Palin has national security experience and would be a fit commander in chief is laughable. That much was abundantly clear after she stuttered her way through a list of neo-con talking points on ABC News. If she does not win the vice presidency, I'm sure there's a warm chair at AEI or Heritage waiting for her.

Let's be frank: Sarah Palin bombed -- just as I guess she would do to Moscow, were it to send tanks into Moldova or Georgia or the Crimea. Does she have any idea the impression she is making across the globe when she says Russia is not off-limits to a U.S. attack? Then she softened her rhetoric -- saying that she would just slap sanctions on Russia (um, Sarah, we don't do all that much trading with Russia so sanctions really wouldn't work). Obviously Palin was prepared for the Georgia question, which makes her remarks that much downright scarier.

Then there's the Bush doctrine -- remember that phrase? Palin doesn't. Her blank deer-in-headlights look she flashed proved she'd never even heard of it (these were not exactly gotcha questions either). Apparently she is tough on terrorists and solidly pro-Israel, but would not go into specifics. She could not talk in any detail about U.S. commando raids against sovereign Pakistan or whether she is for or against anticipatory self-defense (or whether Article 51 of the UN Charter covers such use of self-defense). She would not get into what she would do as president were Israel to start raining bombs on Natanz, a nuclear reactor in Iran. Her mental capacity betrayed that of a stay-at-home hockey mom, not a serious candidate for any office, much less vice president. Her grasp of world affairs is so bad, so shallow, so slippery, every foreign service officer deployed overseas should be shaking in their boots.