06/13/2008 02:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kucinich Introduces Articles of Impeachment. Now?! He Also Denounces Japan Attacking Us at Pearl Harbor.

Dennis Kucinich in a last-ditch attempt at A-HA! or TAKE THAT! or some titular, symbolic, pro forma gesture for the record introduced in the House 35 articles of impeachment against Dubya. Cute. Thanks, Denny. In seven months Dubya's gone and Darth Vader's through too. Get this, 220 days and change until 43 hops on Marine One and adios, and Denny wants impeachment. Or the record to reflect that he wanted impeachment after four-and-a-half hours of reading into the record his averments. Can you imagine the hell it must have been to be there and listen to him reading ANYTHING for almost five hours?

OK, OK. Let's all pound our chests, gnash our teeth, self-flagellate, whatever: it's symbolic at best and, worse, hurts Obama. Why? Because it makes people wonder and even think that this is a Dem move, a dumb Dem move, and that Obama, the Dem-in-Chief, signs off on it. It's stupid and only a political tyro or, worse, cretin would think this made any sense. Maybe a few YEARS ago, but now?!

Listen, Cosmo. Here's why. (1) Did I mention 220 plus days until sayonara? And (2) two words: Dick (and I mean that) Cheney.

On today's show (Thursday, June 12, 2008), it must have been phone privilege day at Bellevue. One high-and-mighty dingbat thought that impeachment means removal, viz. conviction in the Senate. Another winner wanted Dubya impeached after his term. I kid you not. Another thought that 43's being impeached in supersonic speed would prevent his granting pardons to others. Clinton issued over 400 pardons and commutations on his very last day in office and that would have been after he was impeached. Impeached, i.e. "charged." Charged versus convicted. Charged versus removed. Hello!

But no, the purveyors of criminal naiveté want some mark of Cain, a demerit, some asterisk or blemish to somehow affix to Bush 43 in record time. Now. Drop what we're doing and notate the history books. The rule of law, they repeat. The rule of you've got to be kidding me. It ain't gonna happen, can't happen and it will only serve to hurt Obama.

But these political science, psephological geniuses don't care. They circle the fire, hands and keyboards clasped, and pound the tribal drumbeat for impeachment. They also think that a President can be charged criminally for admittedly dubious acts committed within the ambit and province of the Office of the President. I'm not going to waste a second on clarifying that canard.

But they prattle on. Demanding impeachment.

With nary a clue as to why.

Oh, yes, I'm sorry. The rule of law. Or something.