The G-20 Protesters Are Rebels Without a Clue

05/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"What are you rebelling against?" Johnny (Marlon Brando) is asked by the innocent and shy Kathie in The Wild One.

"What have you got?" he replies.

How many of the G-20 protesters know what they're protesting for and about? Come on, it's about the party.

Oh, sure. I'll bet there are some true-blue, bona fide anarchists waxing . . . anarchic. And there will certainly be the animal rights folks who are still validly upset with Canada and its annual seal hunt taking place off Newfoundland and Labrador. If these hunts are those wherein cute little harp seals are brained by steel pole totin' Canucks, I'm with the protesters: this is a, ahem, "no brainer." You need no issue statements to review to understand the gravamen of their complaints. Bloody fur staining the snow. Got it. And don't forget the pro-Tibet crowds that will convene at the Mandarin Hotel in the evening to protest Chinese President Hu Jintao. Yeah, these are certainly valid concerns of the validly concerned. But this said it all.

Marina Pepper is a protest organizer for the group G-20 Meltdown, The Independent reports.
"Can't wait to party with you," protest organizer Ms. Pepper told supporters in a last-minute Facebook message. "And revolt, obviously."

Can't wait to party with you. No truer words were ever said; for a bunch, it's about the party. I'm sorry, but when I think of Tiananmen Square, Kent State or Chicago 1968, the party theme escapes me. When I remember that iconic photo of an hysterical student kneeling over the body of a fallen friend at Kent State, I don't think party. I can't imagine an accompanying tweet being sent. "OMG!"

Now, despite the fact that many of these protesters are not American inasmuch as the summit is being held in London, what I describe herein is an international phenomenon. Being clueless knows no borders. Irresolute, nonspecific and generalized anger anent a subject, I suspect, is a generational thing. The worst thing that could happen to the collectively PO'd would be for governments to sit down with them to air and hear their grievances. That wouldn't be any fun. This is not about settling issues, it's about being roughed up and slapped around and going YouTube viral. It takes the chant of "The whole world's watching" to another level.

I heard a great theory that will remain unattributed. The point was made that isn't it funny that young folks take to the streets in the more temperate times and climes. Never in the dead of winter. What, does the severity of issues abate when Jack Frost is in town? Just a thought.

Some young folks love a good protest. The actual cause is unimportant. Remember the NYU student shmucks who holed up in a cafeteria. What the hell was that about? They still don't know. Have you ever seen a bunch of protesters advocating the release of cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal? Priceless. Have you ever met anyone wearing a Che T-shirt who actually knew the first thing about Che? It reminds them of the halcyon days of the beloved 60's, when their parents took to the streets in a collective rage. Cue "For What It's Worth." A true and authentic rage against their machine. It was the time of Vietnam and civil rights. But it took serious guts to wade into a crowd of baton-wielding and helmeted cop-thugs. There was nothing fashionable or cool about it. It was serious, dire and most certainly deadly. No party. The causes were specific and hardly vague. No one had difficulty explicating why they were there. They could get through a sentence without the hypnotic chant of "like" every other word.

No one LOL'd.