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There are few alcohols that have the transformative power of rum.

On a frigid day, when the cold wind is unrelenting, a dram of an aged spirit, like the Guatemalan Zacapa 23 or the Dominican Atlantico Private Cask, will help you defrost. And that's not to mention the age-old remedy for chills: hot rum cocktails.

But rum also has the power to instantaneously transport you to a tropical locale. Whether dreamed up in an exotic bar or by a bartender with cabin fever, a few sips of a warm-weather rum tipple and you'll be reaching for the sunscreen. (It's no wonder that the liquor is the spirit of choice for the tiki crowd.)

So if you're trying to escape the winter's worst (or just craving a refreshing drink), mix up any one of these recipes, and the weather outside won't seem so important anymore.

Hot Buttered Rum
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This steamy concoction will melt away the snow and ice and fill you up with a luxurious mix of alcohol, butter, spices and sugar. While it may be decadent, it's a fair reward for, say, shoveling the driveway.

View recipe: Mount Gay Hot Buttered Rum
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