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Farm To Drink: Handcrafted Punches (VIDEO)

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The rebirth of punch is one of the great modern mixological miracles. For decades, the concoction was sadly relegated to fraternity parties and bastardized with sherbet, tooth-achingly sweet mixers and copious amounts of cheap booze.

But punch deserves your respect, and when made properly, it's as delicious and refreshing as any other cocktail. Its roots stretch back hundreds of years and across the Atlantic to England, where it was a staple of 17th-century taverns. (To read more about the drink's history, grab a copy of advisor David Wondrich's award-winning "Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl".) And recently, bartenders have rediscovered its charms; big bowls of the stuff have appeared in some of the best establishments around the country.

To help you whip up a batch, the latest video in our Farm to Drink series hosted by top mixologist and contributor Charlotte Voisey is all about creating punches with seasonal fruits and an array of alcohols. Her Two-Hit Fig Punch is a mix of fig and citrus with a spiced-rum-and-whiskey kick, and her Sparkling Holiday Punch is a tasty combination of pomegranate and blueberry vodkas sweetened by a fig-infused tea syrup.

Either one would make a perfect holiday-party tipple (and would free you from bartending all night). Cheers!

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