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Springtime Strawberry Cocktails

You may have recently noticed big displays of strawberries in your local grocery store. Even if there's still snow on the ground where you are, the appearance of these fragrant fruits heralds the beginning of warmer weather.

Strawberries' subtle sweet-and-tart flavor and gorgeous color make them a perfect ingredient for refreshing springtime cocktails. They're a natural match for gin, but plenty of other spirits also work well with them.

So, shake off winter with these seven excellent drinks that make good use of fresh strawberries. Let's drink to a delicious spring!

Balsamic Berry
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The intense flavors of balsamic vinegar are often paired with strawberries in salads and other savory dishes. And they add depth and complexity to this bubbly gin-and-lime cocktail.

View recipe: Balsamic Berry
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